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X-Men Characters

The X-Men are one of Marvel's most popular teams of superheroes. Use this dataset to learn all about these extraordinary characters!
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created May 29, 2017
Character (I)CharacterReal NameAbilitiesPlace of BirthFirst AppearanceDate of DebutWriterArtistTeamPrimary Actor in Film(s)Current Lineup? (2017)
IcemanRobert Louis "Bobby" DrakeCreates and manipulate ice.Long Island, New YorkThe X-Men #1September 1963Stan LeeJack KirbyOriginalShawn AshmoreYes
Angel/ArchangelWarren Kenneth Worthington IIIFlight via wings; sharp feather projection; superhuman durabilityCenterport, New YorkThe X-Men #1September 1963Stan LeeJack KirbyOriginalBen Foster, Ben HardyYes
NightcrawlerKurt WagnerSuperhuman agility and speed; night vision; teleportationBavaria, GermanyGiant-Size X-Men #1May 1975Len WeinDave Cockrum1970's recruit Alan Cumming, Kodi Smit-McPheeYes
WolverineJames "Logan" HowlettRetractable bone claws, enhanced senses and healingAlberta, CanadaThe Incredible Hulk #181November 1974Len WeinJohn V. Romita Sr., Herb Trimpe1970's recruitHugh JackmanYes
StormOroro MonroeWeather manipulationNew York CityGiant-Size X-Men #1May 1975Len WeinDave Cockrum1970's recruitHalle BerryYes
ColossussPiotr Nikolaievitch "Peter" RasputinCan transform into metal; Superhuman strength and durabilitySiberia, USSRGiant-Size X-Men #1May 1975Len WeinDave Cockrum1970's recruitDaniel CudmoreYes
Sprite/ShadowcatKatherine Anne "Kitty" PrydeIntangibilityDeerfield, IllinoisUncanny X-Men #129January 1980Chris ClaremontJohn Byrne1980's recruitEllen PageYes
RogueAnna MarieAbsorbs others' abilities, memories, personality, and physical characteristics via touch; superhuman strength; flightCaldecott County, MississippiAvengers Annual #10November 1981Chris ClaremontMichael Golden1980's recruitAnna PaquinYes
Marvel GirlRachel Anne SummersEmpathy, telepathy, telekinesisEarth-811The Uncanny X-Men #141January 1981Chris ClaremontJohn Byrne, John Romita, Jr.1980's recruitYes
MagnetoMax "Magnus" EisenhardtMagnetism manipulation; shields against telepathic attacksNazi GermanyThe X-Men #1September 1963Stan LeeJack Kirby1960's recruit Sir Ian McKellen, Michael FassbenderYes
PsylockeElizabeth "Betsy" BraddockTelekinesis; telepathy; precognition; martial arts; can construct weapons made of psychic energyEssex, EnglandCaptain Britain, vol. 1 #8December 1976Chris ClaremontHerb Trimpe1970's recruitOlivia MunnYes
GambitRemy Etienne LeBeauKinetic energy control and manipulation; foresight via tarot cards; thermal manipulation; hypnotic charmNew Orleans, LouisianUncanny X-Men Annual #14July 1990Chris ClaremontJim Lee1990's recruitTaylor Kitsch, Channing TatumYes
JubileeJubilation LeeVampiric powers; superhuman strength, speed, and staminaBeverly Hills, CaliforniaUncanny X-Men #244May 1989Chris ClaremontMarc Silvestri1990's recruitLana CondorYes
BishopLucas BishopEnergy absorption and redirection; superhuman physical attributesFuture Marvel Universe; aboriginal AustraliaUncanny X-Men #282November 1991John ByrneWhilce Portacio1990's recruitOmar SyYes
MystiqueRaven DarkhölmeShapeshifting; superhuman agility; agelessness; accelerated healing factorUnknownMs. Marvel No.17June 1978Chris ClaremontDave Cockrum1970's recruitJennifer LawrenceYes
FantomexCharlie-Cluster 7Illusion casting; possesses multiple brains; skilled martial artist; auto-hypnosisEarthNew X-Men #128August 2002Grant MorrisonIgor KordeyAstonishing X-MenYes
Professor XProfessor Charles Francis XavierHigh intelligence; mind reading; mind control; memory manipulation; psychic attacksNew York CityThe X-Men #1September 1963Stan LeeJack KirbyOriginalPatrick Stewart, James McAvoyNo
CyclopsScott SummersOptic force blasts; advanced spatial awareness; master tacticianAnchorage, AlaskaThe X-Men #1September 1963Stan LeeJack KirbyOriginalJames Marsden, Tye SheridanNo
BeastHenry Philip "Hank" McCoyGenius-level intellect; Animal-like, with sharp claws and teethDundee, IllinoisThe X-Men #1September 1963Stan LeeJack KirbyOriginalKelsey Grammer, Nicholas HoultNo
Marvel Girl/PhoenixJean Grey-SummersTelepathy; telekinesis; cosmic fire generation; reality warping; space and time control; life force controlUpstate New YorkThe X-Men #1September 1963Stan LeeJack KirbyOriginalSophie Turner, Famke JanssenNo
MimicCalvin Montgomery RankinPower mimicry; possesses the original powers of the original five X-MenPassaic, New JerseyX-Men #19April 1966Stan LeeWerner Roth1960's recruitNo
ChangelingKevin SydneyShapeshifting; telepathy; levitationEarth-1081X-Men #35August 1967Roy ThomasWerner Roth1960's recruitNo
PolarisLorna Sally DaneElectromagnetic Control; flight; magnetic Field GenerationNorth AmericaThe X-Men #49October 1968Arnold DrakeDon Heck, Werner Roth1960's recruitNo
HavokAlexander SummersEnergy blasts; Immunity to Cyclops' optic blasts; cosmic energy absorptionHonolulu, HawaiiUncanny X-Men # 54March 1969Arnold DrakeDon Heck1960's recruitLucas TillNo
PetraEarth ManipulationNew York CityX-Men: Deadly Genesis #1January 2006Ed BrubakerPete WoodsRetconNo
SwaySuzanne ChanTime manipulation; retrocognitive projectionCaliforniaX-Men: Deadly Genesis #3August 2006Ed BrubakerPete WoodsRetconNo
DarwinArmando MuñozReactive evolutionNew York CityX-Men: Deadly Genesis #2February 2006Ed BrubakerPete WoodsRetconNo
VulcanGabriel SummersVast energy absorption and manipulation; flight Shi'ar EmpireX-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 January 2006Ed BrubakerPete WoodsRetconNo
BansheeSean CassidySuperhuman hearing; sonic screams; flight; ability to cause nausea or unconsciousnessIrelandThe X-Men #28January 1967Roy ThomasWerner Roth1970's recruitCaleb Landry JonesNo
SunfireShiro YoshidaFlight; plasma blasts; infrared vision; radiation immunityAgarashima, JapanUncanny X-Men #64January 1970Roy ThomasDon Heck1970's recruitNo
ThunderbirdJohn ProudstarSuperhuman senses, strength, speed, stamina, and sturdiness; hand-to-hand combatantCamp Verde, ArizonGiant-Size X-Men #1May 1975Len WeinDave Cockrum1970's recruitNo
LongshotPsychometry; probability manipulation; superhuman agilityMojoworldLongshot #1September 1985Ann NocentiArt Adams1980's recruitNo
DazzlerAlison BlaireAbility to convert sound into light beams of various forms and intensity; highly trained athleteGardendale, New YorkUncanny X-Men #130February 1980Tom DeFalco, Louise Simonson, Roger SternJohn Romita, Jr.1980's recruitNo
ForgeSuperhuman inventor; genius-level intelligenceAmerican WestUncanny X-Men #184August 1984Chris ClaremontJohn Romita, Jr.1980's recruitNo
RevancheKwannonTelepathy; psionic BladeTokyo, JapanX-Men vol. 2 #17February 1993Fabian NiciezaAndy Kubert1990's recruitNo
CannonballSam GuthrieJet propulsion; creates an impenetrable field while in flightCumberland, KentuckyMarvel Graphic Novel #4December 1982Chris ClaremontBob McLeod1990's recruitNo
MarrowSarahBone growth; regenerative healing; superhuman strength and agilityMorlock TunnelsCable #15September 1994Jeph LoebDavid Brewer1990's recruitNo
MaggottJaphethSlug-based digestive system; psychometryTransvaal, South AfricaUncanny X-Men #345June 1997Scott LobdellJoe Madureira1990's recruitNo
ThunderbirdNeal ShaaraGenerates of superheated plasma; superhuman strength, speed, and staminaKolkata, IndiaX-Men vol.2 #100May 2000Chris ClaremontLeinil Francis Yu2000's recruitNo
CableNathan SummersTelepathy; telekinesis; technopathy; cybernetic enhancementNew YorkNew Mutants #87March 1990Chris Claremont/Louise SimonsonRob Liefield2000's recruitNo
SageTessaCan jumpstart mutant powers; superhuman mental compacity; perfect memory and data analysis; telepathyBalkansThe X-Men #132April 1980Chris ClaremontJohn Byrne2000's recruitNo
White QueenEmma Grace FrostMind control; memory alteration; astral projection; shapeshifts into a solid diamond; superhuman strength; psychic immunityBoston, MassachusettsUncanny X-Men #129 January 1980Chris ClaremontJohn Byrne2000's recruitNo
XornKuan-Yin XornSun/blackhole in his head; Healing powers; Electricity and magnetism generation; teleportation; gravity Xinjiang Uygur, ChinaNew X-Men Annual 2001May 2001Grant MorrisonFrank Quitely2000's recruitNo
ChamberJonothon "Jono" Evan StarsmorePossesses a furnace of psionic energy in chest; telepathyLondon, EnglandGeneration X #1November 1994Scott LobdellChris Bachalo2000's recruitNo
Stacy XMiranda LeevaldPheromone control; scaly, protective skinNorth AmericaUncanny X-Men #399November 2001Joe CaseyTom Raney2000's recruitNo
LifeguardHeather CameronReactive adaptationSydney, AustraliaX-Treme X-Men #6December 2001Chris ClaremontSalvador Larroca2000's recruitNo
SlipstreamDavis CameronReality warping; psychic navigation; Use of a shortened metal surfboardSydney, AustraliaX-Treme X-Men #6December 2001Chris ClaremontSalvador Larroca2000's recruitNo
NorthstarJean-Paul BeaubierSuperhuman speed and durability; flight; light manipulationMontreal, CanadaUncanny X-Men #120April 1978Chris ClaremontJohn Byrne2000's recruitNo
HuskPaige GuthrieCan shed skin into a different composition, shape, or size; skilled martial artistCumberland, KentuckyRom Annual #3November 1984Fabian NiciezaTony Daniel2000's recruitNo
JuggernautCain MarkoSuperhuman strength; mystical force field; unstoppable momentumBerkeley, CaliforniaThe X-Men #12July 1965Stan LeeJack Kirby2000's recruitVinnie JonesNo
WarpathJames ProudstarSkilled hunter and tracker; superhuman strength, senses, and agility; resistance to injury; flight; regenerative healing; wields a pair of vibranium bowie knivesCamp Verde, ArizonaNew Mutants vol. 1 #16June 1984Chris ClaremontSal Buscema2000's recruitBooboo StewartNo
Lady MastermindRegan WyngardeIllusion casting; telepathyNorth AmericaX-Treme X-Men #6December 2001Chris ClaremontSalvador Larroca2000's recruitNo
SabretoothVictor CreedSuperhuman senses, strength, speed and agility; animal-like; extended longevity; retractable claws and sharp teethEdmonton, CanadaIron Fist #14August 1977Chris ClaremontJohn Byrne2000's recruitTyler Mane, Liev SchreiberNo
Omega SentinelKarima ShapandarSuperhuman conditioning; resistance to injury; flight; weapons that retract into bodyKolkata, IndiaX-Men Unlimited, vol. 1 #27 June 2000Chris ClaremontBrett Booth2000's recruitNo
ArmorHisako IchikiGenerates an impenetrable psionic exoskeleton; superhuman strength, agility, and enduranceTokyo, JapanAstonishing X-Men #4October 2004Joss WhedonJohn Cassaday2000's recruitNo
HepzibahUnpronouncableEnhanced agility, speed and reflexes; retractable claws; hyper-keen senses; mind/mood-altering pheromones; night visionTryl'sart, Shi'ar EmpireX-Men #107October 1977Chris ClaremontDave Cockrum2000's recruitNo
PixieMegan GwynnFlight via insect wings "Pixie dust" which causes hallucinations; limited magic manipulation; soul daggerAbergylid, WalesNew X-Men: Academy X #5 November 2004Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina WeirMichael Ryan2000's recruitNo
KarmaXi'an Coy ManhPsychic possession; protection from mental attacks; telepathyVietnamMarvel Team-Up (vol. 1) #100December 1980Chris ClaremontFrank Miller2000's recruitNo
SunspotRoberto "Bobby" Da CostaSuperhuman strength; flight; solar absorption; heat and light projection; concussive blastsRio de Janeiro, BrazilMarvel Graphic Novel #4: The New MutantsSeptember 1982Chris ClaremontBob McLeod2000's recruitAdan CantoNo
AuroraJeanne-Marie BeaubierFlight; superhuman speed and durability; light generation, manipulation, and projectionMontreal, CanadaUncanny X-Men #120April 1979Chris ClaremontJohn Byrne2000's recruitNo
MagmaAmara Juliana Olivians AquillaFlight; lava control and generation; fire manipulationNova RomaNew Mutants #8October 1983Chris ClaremontBob McLeod2000's recruitNo
BoxMadison JeffriesTechnokinetic ability to reshape plastic, metal, and glass; can mentally communicate with A.I.CanadaAlpha Flight #16November 1984John ByrneJohn Byrne2000's recruitNo
MirageDanielle MoonstarEmpathy; telepathy; creating illusions; psionic arrows and bullets; empathic/telepathic link with animals; can sense impending death; superhuman strengthBoulder, ColorodoMarvel Graphic Novel #4: The New MutantsDecember 1982Chris ClaremontBob McLeod2000's recruitNo
MagikIllyana Nikolievna RasputinaInter-dimensional teleportation; magic manipulation; mystic armorSiberia, USSRNew Mutants #14April 1984Chris ClaremontDave Cockrum2000's recruitAnya Taylor-JoyNo
Namor the SubmarinerNamor McKenzieAquatic adaptation; superhuman strength, speed, agility and reflexes; Flight via tiny wings on ankles; longevityAtlantisMotion Picture Funnies WeeklyApril 1939Bill EverettBill Everett2000's recruitNo
DominoNeena ThurmanSubconscious telekinetic probability manipulation; superhuman reflexes; skilled markswomanEverglades, FloridaX-Force #8March 1992Fabian NiciezaRob Liefield2000's recruitZazie BeetzNo
CloakTyrone "Ty" JohnsonTeleportation; intangibility; can link to the "Darkforce DimensionBoston MassachusettsPeter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64March 1982Bill MantloEd Hannigan2000's recruitNo
DaggerTandy BowenCan create "daggers" of light; can purge addictions; healingCleveland, OhioPeter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64March 1982Bill MantloEd Hannigan2000's recruitNo
Boom-BoomTabitha SmithCreates orbs of pure psionic energy that explodeRoanoke, VirginiaSecret Wars II #5November 1985Jim ShooterAl Milgrom2000's recruitNo
CypherDouglas "Doug" RamseyOmnilingualism (can understand any language he comes into contact with--written, spoken, computer, or body)North AmericaNew Mutants #13March 1984Chris ClaremontSal Buscema2010's recruitNo
WarlockWarlockBody composed of a techno-organic material that can be reshaped at willKvchNew Mutants #18August 1984Chris ClaremontBill Sienkiewicz2010's recruit
X-23Laura KinneyRetractable bone claws, enhanced senses and healingNorth AmericaNYX #3February 2004Craig KyleCraig Kyle2010's recruitDafne KeenYes
HopeHope SummersEmpathetic mimicry; power activationCooperstown, AlaskaX-Men #205November 2007Mike CareyChris Bachalo2010's recruitNo
FrenzyJoanna CargillSuperhuman strength and durabilityNorth AmericaX-Factor #4May 1986Bob LaytonKieth Pollard2010's recruitNo
LegionDavid Charles HallerCan absorb a person's psyche into his own as an alternate personality; manifests their superhuman powers when they are dominantIsraelNew Mutants #25March 1985Chris ClaremontBill Sienkiewicz2010's recruitNo
X-ManNate GreyTelekinesis; telepathy; psychometry; precognition; cross-dimensional travel; incorporeal existanceOmaha, NebraskaX-Man #1March 1995Jeph LoebSteve Skroce2010's recruitNo
BlinkClarise FergusonTeleportationBahamasUncanny X-Men #317 October 1994Scott LobdellJoe Madureira2010's recruitFan BingbingNo
FirestarAngelica JonesMicrowave radiation manipulation; flight; electromagnetic energy wavelength disruptionNorth AmericaSpider-Man and His Amazing Friends #1December 1981Dennis Marks, Christy MarxDan Spiegle, John Romita, Jr., Rick Hoberg2010's recruitNo
MMonet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. CroixSuperhuman strength, speed and agility; genius level intellect; accelerated healing; supersonic; flight; telekinesis; telepathy; mutant aura perceptionSarajevo, BosniaUncanny X-Men #316 September 1994Scott LobdellChris Bachalo2010's recruitNo
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