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Writers of the Beat Generation

Get to know the group of writers, friends, and activists who redefined American culture in the 1940's-1960's.
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NamePrimary GenreOther GenresCultural or Political ActivitiesMost Famous TextMost Important Literary/Artistic Innovation
Allen GinsbergPoetDiary, Archivist, PhotographerFree Speech Activist, Anti-War Activist; Gay Rights, Drug Legalization, Investigated the CIA, Supported less successful Beat figuresHowl (poem)First Thought; Best Thought
Jack KerouacAutobiographical FictionPoet, Correspondence, EssaysBuddhism, Free Speech, On The Road (novel)Spontaneous Prose Method
Leroi Jones/Amiri BarakaPoetDrama, EssaysCivil Rights, Black Arts Movement, Left Political Activist, Published Literary MagazinesPreface to a Twenty Volume Suicide NoteCriticism and Analysis of Jazz and other African American music
William BurroughsNovelistSpoken Word, Painting, EssaysGay Rights, Drug Legalization, 2nd Amendment, Free Speech, General Semantics, OccultistNaked Lunch (novel)The Cut Up Method
Neal CassidyCorrespondenceFiction, Performance ArtDrug Legalization, Driver for Kerouac& the Grateful Dead & for Ken Kessey and Merry Pranksters' bus FurtherThe First Third (novel)Uncensored Confessional Writing
Lawrence FerlinghettiPoetLiterary Criticism, PainterFree Speech Activist, Publisher & Owner of City Lights Books and Bookstore, Won Landmark Censorship Trial, Left Political ActivistConey Island of the Mind (poetry)Won the "Howl" censorship trial, effectively ending book banning and censorship in America.
Gary SnyderPoetEssays, LecturesTranslated Japanese Poetry, Environmentalist, BuddhismTurtle Island (poetry)Ecological Poetry
Diane di PrimaPoetEssays, MemoirAnti-War Activist, Women's LiberationThis Kind of Bird Flies Backwards (poetry)Publisher and Editor of Literary Magazines
Herbert HunckeMemoirSpoken WordDrug Legalization, Gay Rights, Guilty of Everything (memoir)The original hipster
Carolyn CassidyMemoirCorrespondence, Fiction, PainterWomen's Liberation, Theater Activist, SpiritualistOff the Road (memoir)Fought for inclusion of women in Beat Studies
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