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World War I

Use this dataset to learn about the most important events leading up to and during World War I.
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created May 16, 2017
ImageStart DateEnd DateEventOutcomeAllied PowersCentral PowersLocation
May 20, 1882The Triple AllianceGermany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy promise mutual support in the event of an attack by another major powerItalyGermany, Austria-HungaryBerlin, Germany
August 31, 1907The Triple EntenteThe UK, Russia, and France create and mutual understanding to counter the powers of the Triple AllianceUK, France, RussiaN/ASt. Petersburg, Russia
October 8, 1912 – July 18, 1913The Balkan WarsThe Ottoman Empire lost its European land to rising nationalism in the Balkans; Austria-Hungary became weaker as a result of the Serbian push for south-Slavic unionSerbiaThe Ottoman Empire, Austria-HungaryThe Balkans
June 28, 1914The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-HungaryThe perpetrator, Gavrilo Princip, is part of a larger nationalist Serbian movement; triggers the July CrisisSerbiaAustria-HungarySarajevo, Serbia
July 23, 1914The July UltimatumAustria-Hungary provides Serbia with an ultimatum; Serbia declines and diplomatic relations are suspendedSerbiaAustria-HungarySarajevo, Serbia
July 28, 1914Austria-Hungary declares war on SerbiaRussia prepares to enter the war as Serbia's ally; World War I beginsSerbia, RussiaAustria-HungaryCer, Serbia
August 1, 1914Germany declares war on RussiaGermany warns Russia to halt mobilization; Russia declines and Germany begins to mobilize, escelating the conflictRussiaGermanyEastern Front
August 3, 1914Germany declares war on FranceGermany implements the Schleiffen Plan, which involves bypassing France's fortified border by entering Belgium, a neutral countryFranceGermanyWestern Front
August 4, 1914Germany invades BelgiumThe UK declares war on Germany the next day, after German forces refuse to withdrawUK, France, BelgiumGermanyBelgium, Luxembourg
Aug 13, 1914Japan declares war on GermanyOccurs as a result of Japan's alliance with the UK and its desire to capture German territories in the PacificJapanGermanyKiautchou Bay, China
August 16, 1914Battle of TannenburgGerman victory; boosts German morale and shakes Russian confidenceRussiaGermanyPoland
September 9, 1914September 14, 1914Battle of Mansurian LakesGerman victory; Russia is pushed back across the Eastern FrontRussiaGermanyPoland
October 19, 1914November 22, 1914First Battle of YpresIndecisive outcome; new weapons from the Industrial Revolution are tested and trench warfare beginsUK, France, BelgiumGermanyYpres, France
October 29, 1914 The Black Sea RaidThe Ottoman Empire helps Germany in a naval bombardment of Russia, so Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire; the UK and France follow suitRussiaOttoman EmpireThe Black Sea
January 19, 1915First aerial bombardment of the UKMarks the beginning of the use of aviation during warfareUKGermanyNorfolk, UK
April 26, 1915The Treaty of LondonItaly, which was formally part of the Triple Alliance, joins the Allied PowersUK, France, Russia, ItalyN/ALondon, UK
April 22, 1915May 25, 1915Second Battle of YpresPoison gas is used in battle for the first time and there are significant British casualties as a resultUK, France, BelgiumGermanyYpres, France
April 25, 1915August 9, 1915Gallipoli CampaignAllied loss and the last major victory of the Ottoman EmpireUK, France, RussiaOttoman EmpireGallipoli, Turkey
May 7, 1915Germany sinks the RMS LusitaniaDue to the significant number of Americans on board, resentment towards Germany grows in the USUSA, UKGermanyThe Atlantic Ocean
February 21, 1915December 18, 1916Battle of VerdunLargest and longest battle of WWI; French victoryFranceGermanyVerdun, France
May 16, 1916The Sykes–Picot AgreementA secret agreement between France and the UK regarding the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire; contradicts later British support for Arab independenceUK, FranceOttoman EmpireIraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine
May 31, 1916June 1, 1916Battle of JutlandThe first and only large naval battle of the war; inconclusive victoryUKGermanyThe North Sea
June 5, 1916October 1, 1918The Arab RevoltAllied forces encourage Arab leaders to revolt against the Ottoman empire in order to weaken itUKOttoman EmpireEgypt, Syria, Palestine, Jordan
July 1, 1916November 18, 1916Battle of the SommeInconclusive; the bloodiest battle of the warUK, FranceGermanySomme River, France
January 19, 1917Zimmerman TelegramThe British decode a secret telegram from Germany telling Mexico to declare war on the US; fosters US support for entering the warUSA, UKGermanyUK
January 31, 1917German U-boat campaign beginsGermany starts unrestricted submarine warfare, targeting any ship on the Atlantic bearing the American flagUSAGermanyThe British Isles, the Mediterranean
March 8, 1917November 8, 1917The Russian RevolutionThe war effort has strained Russia's resources; the people revolt and dismantle the tsarist autocracy, replacing it with communismRussiaN/ASt. Petersburg, Russia
April 6, 1917USA declares war on GermanyThe US Congress votes to enter the warUSAGermanyWashington D.C., USA
March 3, 1918Treaty of Brest-LitovskA peace treaty is signed between the Central Powers and Russia's new Bolshevik government; ends Russian participation in WWIRussiaGermany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman EmpireBrest-Litovsk, Ukraine
July 18, 1918Fourteen PointsUS President Woodrow Wilson releases a statement outlining his terms for the basis of enduring peaceUSAN/AWashington D.C., USA
August 8, 1918August 11, 1918Battle of AmiensDecisive Allied victory; marks the beginning of the Hundred Days OffensiveUSA, UK, FranceGermanyAmies, France
October 18, 1918The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy dissolvesNew republics and kingdoms are created: include the Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia and YugoslaviaN/AAustria-HungaryPrague, Czechoslovakia and Vienna, Austria
October 30, 1918The Armistice of MudrosEnds the Middle Eastern theatre of WWI, Ottomans were forced to retreat to pre-war bordersUKOttoman EmpireLemnos, Greece
November 11, 1918Armistice of CompiègneAn agreement is signed, ending fighting on the Western Front; marks a victory for the Allied Powers and a defeat for GermanyUSA, UK, FranceGermanyParis, France
June 28, 1919Treaty of VersaillesAllies force Germany to disarm and pay reparationsUSA, UK, France, Italy, JapanGermanyVersailles, France
January 10, 1920The League of Nations is formedThe first international organisation aimed at maintaining world peace is formed--lasts until the beginnings of WWIIN/AN/AGeneva, Switzerland
August 10, 1920Treaty of SèvresThe Ottoman Empire is required to cede all non-Turkish territory to the AlliesUK, France, Italy, JapanOttoman EmpireSèvres, France
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