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Women's Suffrage in the United States

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1777Women lose the right to vote in New York
1780Women lose right to vote in Massachusetts
1784Women lose the right to vote in New Hampshire
1787The U.S. Constitutional Convention gives voting qualifications to States. All except New Jersey exclude women.
1790New Jersey grants right to vote to all free inhabitants
1807New Jersey revokes women's rights to vote
1848Seneca Falls Convention
1867Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone address New York State Constitutional Convention requesting woman suffrage. No success.
1867American Equal Rights Association is formed.
1869Wyoming grants unrestricted suffrage to women
1869Movement splits into National Woman Suffrage Association and American Woman Suffrage Association
1870Utah Territory grants suffrage to women
187015th ammendment is adopted. Grants suffrage to former male African-American slaves, but not to women.
1871Anti-Suffrage Society is formed
1872Dakota Territory proposal for womens suffrage loses by one vote.
1872Susan B. Anthony registers to vote in Rochester, New York, and is arrested a few days later
1873Susan B. Anthony's is denied a trial by jury and loses her case
1874Minor v. Happersett, Supreme Court rules that the fourteenth ammendmet does not grant women the right to vote
1874Michigan referendum on women's suffrage loses
1878federal ammendment to grant women the right to vote is introduced by Senator A.A. Sargeant of California.
1882the U.S. House and Senate both appoint committees on women's suffrage, which both report favorably
1883Women in Washington territory are granted full voting rights
1884U.S. House of Representatives debates women's suffrage
1886Suffrage ammendment is defeated two to one in U.S. Senate
1887Women in Utah lose the right to vote
1887Supreme Court strikes down the law that enfranchised women in the Washington territory
1887Kansas women win right to vote in municipal elections
1887Rhode Island becomes first eastern state to vote on women's suffrage; does not pass
1890National Woman Suffrage Association and American Woman Suffrage Association merge to form the National American Woman Suffrage Association. President Elizabeth Cady Stanton focuses on the state level
1890Suffrage campaign loses in South Dakota
1893Carrie Chapman Catt leads Colorado men to vote for women suffrage
1894Despite 600,000 signitures, a petition for women suffrage is ignored in New York
1895Women suffrage returns to Utah
1895The New York State Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage begins
1895The National American Woman Suffrage Association formall condemns Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Women's Bible, a critique of Christianity
1896National American Woman Suffrage Association launch an expensive suffrage campaign in California, which fails
1896Idaho grants women suffrage
1902Women from 10 nations meet in Washington, D.C. to plan an international effort for suffrage.
1902Men of New Hampshire vote down a women's suffrage referendum
1910Emma Smith DeVoe organizes a campaign in Washington State, where women win suffrage
1910Washington grants women the right to vote
1911California grants women suffrage
1912Theodore Roosevelt's Progressive Party includes women suffrage in its platform
1912Abigail Scott Duniway dissuades members of the National American Woman Suffrage Association from becomgin involved in Oregon; Oregon women win the vote.
1912Arizona grants women suffrage
1912Kansas grants women suffrage
1912Alaska's territorial legislature grants women suffrage
1913Alaskan Territory grants women suffrage
1913Senate votes on women suffrage ammendment, but it does not pass
1914Nevada grants women suffrage
1914Montana grants women suffrage
1916Woodrow Wilson promises that the Democratic Party Platform will endorse women suffrage
1916Montana elects suffragist Jeannette Rankin to House of Representatives. First woman elected to the U.S. Congress
1917National Woman's Party posts silent "Sentinels of Liberty" at the White House. National Women's Party picket the White House. In June, 500 arrests begin.
1917Arkansas grants women the right to vote in primary, but not general elections
1917Indiana grants women presidential suffrage
1917Nebraska grants women presidential suffrage
1917North Dakota grants women presidential suffrage
1917Michigan grants women presidential suffrage
1917Rhode Island grants women presidential suffrage
1917New York state constitution grants women suffrage. First Eastern state to fully enfranchise women
1917Oklahoma state constitution grants women suffrage
1917South Dakota state constituion grants women suffrage
1918Jailed suffragists are released from prison. Appelate court rules all the arrests were illegal
1918Nineteenth Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution passes the U.S. House with exactly a two-thirds vote but loses in the Senate by two votes.
1918President Wilson declares support for women suffrage
1919Michigan grants women suffrage
1919Oklahoma grants women full suffrage
1919South Dakota grants women full suffrage
1919The National American Woman Suffrage Association holds its convention in St. Louis where Carrie Chapman Catt rallies to transform the association into the League of Women Voters
1920Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ratified
1920Hawke v. Smith, anti-suffrigsts file suite against Ohio legislature, but Supreme Court upholds constitutionality of Ohio ratification process
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