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vocab gilded age

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Great PlainsWestern open land settled by miners, ranchers, and farmersConflict with Native Americans, barbed wire for farmers
Homestead Act160 acres of land in exchange for farming for 5 years60% of homesteaders failed to farm for 5 yrs
Assimilationnative americans were forced to transition to american cultureboarding schools, relocation, resistance=genocide
Dawes Actsplit up the shared reservations into individual tribe reservationsmade assimilation into white culture easier
Sand CreekCherokee tribe thought they were protected by gov't, many die retalitation from other Native American tribes
Wounded KneeExectution of around 300 native americansended all land disputes
Ghost Dance MovementNative Americans displeased the gods by assimilating Native Americans please the gods with ghost dance
Transcontinental railroadA railroad system that went across the whole USIt connected a before disconnected US, and allowed easy travel
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange)Groups of farmers were losing money, cause of falling crop prices and increased cost train of shippingFought for their rights of social equality, and no train monopolies
GreenbacksA negative salng term for paper in the USCongress had no taxing authority so banks didnt give them full value of the dollar
BimetallismA standard that allowed the currency of two metals (silver and gold)Very unstable due to fluctuation of value of silver and gold
ExodustersAfrican Americans that migrated to the Great PlainsThey had a hard time farming. Escaped discrimination
Robber BaronsBusinessmen that used sneaky ways to get richRobber barons stole money from American Workers
TrustsComplete control of a comanyTrust owners had lots of power/influence
Andrew CarnegieWas a big part of the Steel making industry. He had lots of influence and power
John D. RockefellerMade a Monopoly of oil business Richest American ManHe controlled oil and had lots of influence
Sherman Antitrust ActEliminates business practices that are anti-competitionLarge companies bought out competition for control
Social DarwinismStudies human nature for competition and the freedom to struggleJustified Laissez Faire and studied how humans acted
Collective bargainingNegotiations between employers and workers to regulate work systemsWorking conditions were bad which made people unhappy
International Workers of the WorldAn extreme labor union that promoted worker solidarity, violent strikesShowed that all labor unions weren't peaceful
Knights of LaborA labor union that wanted an 8 hour work day and equal payA start of workers fighting back
American Federation of LaborMost successful labor union that only allowed skilled workers to joinMany labor unions allowed anyone but this was selective
StrikesWorkers refusing to work due to demands not being met or madeMany labor unions were created and fought back in strikes
Pullman StrikesNationwide railroad strike. The Government Stepped in to settle it.Turning point in US Labor laws
PopulismBelief of power of regular people, anyone could be in governmentMany government officals were rich and high-ranked
ImmigrationPeople came to America for work and new opportunity.Many Americans were put out of work
"New Immigrants"A nation who has immigrant ancestors or is an immigrantA lot of immigrants came to America
Ellis Island¨Gateway to freedom¨ on the east side of AmericaA place where an immigrant could be allowed in the east
Angel Island¨Gateway to freedom¨ on the west side of AmericaA place where an immigrant could be allowed in the west
Chinese Exclusion ActPrevented immigranting Chinese laborers for 10 yearsMore Americans had jobs.
NativismBelief that Native born Americans had priority over immigrantsImmigrants would be discrimminated against
UrbanismLifestyel in the city. Very bad polluted conditionsMany Americans died of fast spread diseases.
Big BusinessLarge Companies that had influence and power/moneyBig business owners influenced political decisions
Gilded Age LeisurePlaying/Watching Sports. Amusement Parks, Concert/OperaSports became a form of entertainment.
Literacy testtest made to insure someone is able to voteblacks were uneducated so they couldnt vote
Poll Taxpay money to voteblacks were often poor so they couldnt vote
Grandfather clauseexempting a race to certain rulesmade the whites have less rules
Jim Crow lawsracist rules against the blackssegregated the us
segregationseperated the whites and blacks without it being slaverythe blacks were mistreated and unequal
Booker T. Washingtonhe founded the Tuskegee Institute for blacksallowed blacks to get an education
WEB Du Boiscivil rights activist, Pan-Africanistsupprted africa to stand up and "fight"
Plessy v. Fergusonseperate but equalwasnt actually equal
Susan B. Anthonywomans labor activist and abolitionistallowed blacks to get an education
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