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Video Game Designer

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created December 1, 2016
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DutiesWork closely with designers, visual artists and others to collect and document user requirements. Assist in the development of logical and physical specifications develop interfaces for interactive digital media (for example, CDs, DVDs, video game cartridges, Internet based applications) program animation software program special effects software for film and video applications write, modify, integrate and test software code for e-commerce and other Internet applications research and evaluate i
Introduction A practical introduction to game design and game as like design concepts, emphasizing the basic tools you need of game design and paper and digital prototyping, design iteration, and user testing.
Working Conditions Interactive media programmers usually work in offices or studios equipped with leading edge information technology. Some self-employed programmers work from home. Overtime may be required to meet project deadlines. Some travel may be required.
Personal Characteristics Interactive media programmers need the following characteristics: the ability to think logically and abstractly the ability to pay close attention to details the ability to work alone or as part of a team in a creative environment an active interest in keeping up with technological advances. They should enjoy analyzing problems to find innovative solutions and taking a methodical approach to work that requires precision.
Educational RequirementsWhile some employers require a bachelor's degree in video game design or computer science, a high school diploma is the minimum requirement. Science, programming, or art. Secondary School On-the-job Training College/Apprenticeship University Secondary School On-the-job Training College/Apprenticeship University
Educational Requirements This option is becoming less prevalent, as more and more colleges are creating game design and game development degrees. A game designer is responsible for the majority of a game’s cohesion.
Employment and Advancement communication design studios computer software development firms interactive software publishers media production companies information technology consulting firms. They also may work in the information technology units of large private or public sector organizations, or be self-employed. A college diploma in commercial or graphic arts, computer graphics or animated design is required. Experience or training in multimedia design at a post-secondary, college or technical institution may be requi
InterestsSocial occupations revolve around people. These occupations usually involve assisting, teaching, healing or serving others. The focus of Social occupations can range from very practical to highly academic outcomes.Investigative occupations involve working with theories, concepts, information, and ideas. Curiosity, reasoning, logic, research, analysis, and science are typical activities in Investigative occupations.
MotivationsA keystone adds the support that an arch needs in order to its job, bearing weight. Like an arch, when we’re given support, we gain additional tools or assistance and that can help us perform our tasks at an even higher level of excellence. You want to work somewhere amazing. It could be somewhere with excellent benefits, a high salary, job security or fantastic teammates. Whatever it is, you want to work in a place that meets your definition of good working conditions.
Wage and SalaryAlberta $29,214 - $53,774 British Columbia $21,388 - $96,217 Manitoba Undetermined New Brunswick Undetermined Newfoundland and Labrador Undetermined The Wage and Salary Survey, earned on average from $38.69 to $60.26 an hour. The overall average was $47.60 an hour.
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