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Great PlainsImmigrants flooded into the GP, many went west--goldIt caused to west to be more populated
Homestead Actpeople pay a small fee and get 160 acres out westit allowed for the population of the plains to increase
AssimilationAdopting another culture(American culture)Caused cultures to be lost, people were forced into American culture
Dawes Actact forcing indian children to go to boarding schools It effectively distroyed indian culture
Assimilationadopting another culture(American culture)Caused cultures to be lost, people were forced into American culture
Sand CreekSand creek massacre or massacre of the cheyenne indiansindains were a big part in the time
Wounded Kneeplace f a fight between indians and US representativesUS reps were trying to take away all the land
Ghost Dance MovementLast effort of native Americans to resist White dominationSitting Bull was killed
Transcontinental railroadThe first railroad that connected the east and the west coastmore people move out west, because its easier
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange)A farmer Union, famers working together to make a changeCreated the populaist party
Greenbackspaper money backed by goldCaused inflation and going on to bimetallism
Bimetallismusing both gold and silver to set the value of paper moneyThere was a greater supply of money
Exodustersminorities moving from the east to the great plainsThe plains were further populated
Robber BaronsA term given to rich businessmen not in a postive wayPeople questioned the ways they attained their wealth
TrustsA monopolyCaused prices to be controlled by one company
Andrew CarnegieDominated the Iron and steel industires at the timea monopoly
John D. RockefellerFound away to commercially create steel Steel became the widely used metal, building, cars, etc
Sherman Antitrust ActAn act outlawing trustsTrusts like standard oil split up into smaller companies
Social DarwinismThe belief that survival of the fittest applied to businessAn excuse used by the rich to justify their wealth
Collective bargainingHow unions tried to get fair pay and less hoursIt caused violence and many employees to be fired
International Workers of the WorldA movement that started in Chicago, by socailists and anarchistswas a "revolutionary" movement
Knights of LaborSecure and maintain the rights of the workingmanmen didnt like pay and were getting worked too hard
American Federation of Labora labor associationpeople giving others jobs
StrikesEmployees of a company stop working to try to gain better wagespeople were tired of getting hurt
Pullman StrikesNationwide railroad strikerailroads were needed for transportation
PopulismA belief in the power of people and to have control over their own gov'tallowed everyone t have equal power
Immigrationthe act of coming to live permanently in a foreign countrygilded age immigrants
"New Immigrants"the new wave of immigrants coming from all over the worldCaused the economy of the US to boom.
Ellis IslandHeld the immigration center to enter the US, in New York Habor Allowed many European immigrants into the US
Angel IslandImmigration station in San Francisco Bay, CAAllowed easier immigration for immigrants from Asia
Chinese Exclusion ActProhibited Chinese laborers from all immigration to the U.S.Caused many Chinese families to be split
NativismThe belief that native born Americans are superior to immigrantsThis caused discrimination of immigrants
UrbanismThe lifestyle of city dwellerseveryone had to live in the city because thats where the jobs were
Big BusinessLarge scale corportations Often result in monoplies
Gilded Age Leisurebaseball, theatres, movies, cards, operasStarted the craze around sports and movies
Literacy testA test of ones abilities to read and writeneeded to get into the US
Poll TaxA tax African Americans had to pay Resulted in not many African Americans being able to vote
Grandfather clauseA clause exempting certain classes of peoplediscrimination of wealthy and poor people
Jim Crow lawslaws enforcing racial segregationWhite vs. black
segregationseperating facilities by race Caused violence and discrimination against non-whites
Booker T. Washingtoninfluenced black progress in education, against Jim Crow lawsHelped anti segregation movement- and blk education
WEB Du BoisProtested racism, supported Pan-Africanismhelped the anti-segregation momvement
Plessy v. FergusonIt was the court case that started segregationcaused the separate but equal movement
Susan B. AnthonyWomans rights activist who believed in women workingShe caused the women's rights movement to start
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