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US Constitution Amendments

The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the USA. It has been in use since 1789. Since then, it has been amended 27 times. Here is a list containing all of the amendments.
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Amendment NumberDate ratifiedSummary
1December 15, 1791Protects freedom of religion, speech, press, and right to assemble
2December 15, 1791Protects right to keep and bear arms
3December 15, 1791Prohibits quartering of soldiers without owner's consent
4December 15, 1791Prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures
5December 15, 1791Prohibits forcing people to bear witness against themselves
6December 15, 1791Protects right to a speedy and fair trial
7December 15, 1791Protects right of trial by jury
8December 15, 1791Prohibits excessive fines as well as cruel and unusual punishment.
9December 15, 1791Protects rights not enumerated in the Constitution
10December 15, 1791Limits powers of federal government to what is written in the Constitution
11February 7, 1795Protects states from suits from out of state citizens
12June 15, 1804Revised Electoral College process of electing President and Vice President
13December 6, 1865Prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude except as punishment of a crime
14July 9, 1868Protects citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws
15February 3, 1870Prohibits denial of vote based on race, color or previous servitude
16February 3, 1913Allows Congress to levy an income tax
17April 8, 1913Establishes popular election of US Senators by citizens
18January 16, 1919Prohibited manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcohol
19August 18, 1920Prohibits denial of vote based on sex
20January 23, 1933Changed dates of the beginning of terms for President and Vice President, as well as for Congress members
21December 5, 1933Repealed prohibition of alcohol (18th amendement)
22February 27, 1951Limits number of terms as Presidents to two
23March 29, 1961Grants residents in the District of Columbia the right to vote for President
24January 23, 1964Prohibits the denial of vote due to non-payment of any tax
25February 10, 1967Establishes rules for sucession to the Presidency
26July 1, 1971Lowered voting age from 21 to 18. Prohibits denial to vote based on age for people at least 18 years old
27May 7, 1992Delays any law affecting Congress compenastion from taking place until the next congressional term of office
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