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Unit 3 all lessons 1-4

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word/example/definitionexample or definition
metaphorComparison of unlike things.
main ideaThe big idea in a story; the author's storyline follows this through the whole story
supporting detailInformation that is needed to back up the main idea.
rising actionwhere the suspense builds; happens before the climax
settingthe location and/or time period of the story
Sally sells sea shells.alliteration
alliterationSeveral words in a sentence all start with the same beginning sound.
snap, crackle, poponomatopoeia
onomatopoeiathe word makes you think of the exact sound because the word sounds like the sound it represents.
ThemeThe author's message; What the author wants you to learn from his story.
similea comparison that includes either "like" or "as"
Her smile was as bright as the sun.simile
He was as tired as a dog.simile
he was dog-tired.metaphor
characterThe one in a story - either animal or human, around who the story centers
antagonistbad guy
protagonistgood guy
The antagonist in Medea.Jason
The protagonist in Medea.Either Medea or the children.
The climax of Medea.When she decides to kill her children.
poetrya form of text that uses words to create a story in a limited amount of words.
fictionmade up
non-fiction exampletextbook, newspaper article
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