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Unit 2

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AmendmentChanges made to something (such as changes to the Constitution)
CabinetAn important group of policy advisors to the President made up of executive department heads and a few other officials.
CommerceActivities that relate to the buying and selling of goods and services.
DomesticOf, relating to, or made in your own country
ImpeachmentWhen a majority of the members of the House of Representatives accuse the President or other high government officials of serious wrongdoing.
Judicial ReviewThe Supreme Court’s power to overturn any law that it decides conflicts with the Constitution
PreambleOpening pargraph of the Constitution which explains the goals and purposes.
ProposeTo suggest something (such as a plan or theory ) to a person or group of people to consider
RatifyTo approve something
UnionAct of joining two or more things together ( a group of states that are ruled by one government.
Vetothe right or power of a person in authority to decide that something such a new law will NOT be approved!
TranquilityThe act of being quiet and peaceful.
WelfareState of being happy, healthy and successful.
PosterityPeople in the future
LibertyFreedom,power to do or choose what you want
Federalism/Delegated PowersDivision of powers between the states and the federal (or national) government
Implied PowersPowers that the national government has because they are “implied” by the delegated powers.
Reserved PowersPowers that are not given to the federal government and not denied to the states are reserved to the states.
Concurrent Powers
Powers that the state and federal government have at the same time.
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