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Types of Government

This set includes different types of government and corresponding definitions.
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Type of GovernmentDefinitionHead of StateWho Holds Power
Absolute Monarchy Rule by a monarch with unlimited power who claims to be legitimized by the will of God.King or QueenKing or Queen
Communist A form of government in which private property is abolished, and the means of production are held by the government, in theory, until the state is no longer needed. Power is often held by an authoritarian political party that does not allow opposition. Government or Political PartyGovernment or Political Party
ConfederationA form of government in which regions, provinces or states form a union. Each member retains its sovereignty, with at least some power ceded to a central government.VariesIndividual States and Central Government
Constitutional A government that is legitimized by a constitution, or written document, which specifies how power is held and exercised.VariesVaries
DemocracyRule by the majority in which the people hold the power. Power is exercised directly or through elected officials who represent the people.VariesThe People
EmirateRule by an Islamic prince, chieftain or head of state who has absolute or limited authority.EmirVaries
MonarchyRule by a king or queen.King or QueenKing or Queen
Oligarchy A form of government in which a small group of people have the power to rule.VariesSmall Group
Parliamentary Democracy A democratic system in which people vote for representatives to a parliament that makes laws. The party or parties with the greatest number of seats in the parliament form the government.Prime MinisterThe People
PlutocracyA government in which power is held by the wealthy.VariesThe Wealthy
RepublicA government with a head of state who is not a monarch. Power is held by the people, who typically vote for representative leaders and officials responsible to them. Not a MonarchThe People
SocialistA form of government in which property and the means of production are owned by the government. VariesThe Government
TheocracyA form of government in which God holds supreme power and authority. Priests or officials in power claim to be legitimized by God or gods.VariesPriests, Other Officials
TotalitarianA system in which all authority lies with one person or party within the government. Opposition to the party or leader is not permitted.One Person, One PartyOne Person, One Party
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