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Trixie Belden Books

A complete list of all the Trixie Belden books, with information about each one.
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Book NumberTitleAuthorOriginal Publication DateMain SettingBob-Whites That First Appear
1The Secret of the MansionJulie Campbell1948Sleepyside, New YorkTrixie, Honey, Jim, Brian, Mart
2The Red Trailer MysteryJulie Campbell1950Upstate New York
3The Gatehouse MysteryJulie Campbell1951Sleepyside, New York
4The Mysterious VisitorJulie Campbell1954Sleepyside, New YorkDiana
5The Mystery Off Glen RoadJulie Campbell1956Sleepyside, New York
6The Mystery in ArizonaJulie Campbell1958Arizona
7The Mysterious CodeKathryn Kenny1961Sleepyside, New York
8The Black Jacket MysteryKathryn Kenny1961Sleepyside, New YorkDan
9The Happy Valley MysteryKathryn Kenny1962Happy Valley Farm, Iowa
10The Marshland MysteryKathryn Kenny1962Sleepyside, New York
11The Mystery at Bob-White CaveKathryn Kenny1963Ozark Mountains, Missouri
12The Mystery of the Blinking EyeKathryn Kenny1963New York City, New York
13The Mystery on Cobbett's IslandKathryn Kenny1964Cobbett's Island
14The Mystery of the EmeraldsKathryn Kenny1965Williamsburg, Virginia
15The Mystery on the MississippiKathryn Kenny1965St. Louis, Missouri
16The Mystery of the Missing HeiressKathryn Kenny1970Sleepyside, New York
17The Mystery of the Uninvited GuestKathryn Kenny1977Sleepyside, New York
18The Mystery of the Phantom GrasshopperKathryn Kenny1977Sleepyside, New York
19The Secret of the Unseen TreasureKathryn Kenny1977Sleepyside, New York
20The Mystery Off Old Telegraph RoadKathryn Kenny1978Sleepyside, New York
21The Mystery of the Castaway ChildrenKathryn Kenny1978Sleepyside, New York
22The Mystery on Mead's MountainKathryn Kenny1978Groverville, Vermont
23The Mystery of the Queen's NecklaceKathryn Kenny1979England
24The Mystery at SaratogaKathryn Kenny1979Saratoga, New York
25The Sasquatch MysteryKathryn Kenny1979Champion Creek - Joe Country, Northern Idaho
26The Mystery of the Headless HorsemanKathryn Kenny1979Sleepyside, New York
27The Mystery of the Ghostly GalleonKathryn Kenny1979Pirate's Point in the Catskills
28The Hudson River MysteryKathryn Kenny1979Sleepyside, New York
29The Mystery of the Velvet GownKathryn Kenny1980Sleepyside, New York
30The Mystery of the Midnight MarauderKathryn Kenny1980Sleepyside, New York
31The Mystery at Maypenny'sKathryn Kenny1980Sleepyside, New York
32The Mystery of the Whispering WitchKathryn Kenny1980Sleepyside, New York
33The Mystery of the Vanishing VictimKathryn Kenny1980Sleepyside, New York
34The Mystery of the Missing MillionaireKathryn Kenny1980Sleepyside, New York
35The Mystery of the Memorial Day FireKathryn Kenny1984Sleepyside, New York
36The Mystery of the Antique DollKathryn Kenny1984Paris, France; New York City, New York; Sleepyside, New York
37The Pet Show MysteryKathryn Kenny1985Sleepyside, New York
38The Indian Burial Ground MysteryKathryn Kenny1985Sleepyside, New York
39The Mystery of the Galloping GhostKathryn Kenny1986Maple Lake, Minnesota
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