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Three-Letter Agencies

Learn about the members of the U.S. Government's Intelligence Community, also known as Three-Letter Agencies.
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created June 21, 2017
SealYear EstablishedAcronymAgencyDutiesParent AgencyFederal DepartmentMottoHeadquartersCurrent Director
1776MIMilitary Intelligency CorpsProvides timely, relevant and accurate intelligence and electronic warfareU.S. ArmyDepartment of DefenseAlways At FrontFort Belvoir, VirginiaBG Nathan Fletcher
1882ONIOffice of Naval IntelligenceProvides maritime intelligenceU.S. NavyDepartment of DefenceSuitland, MarylandRobert D. Sharp
1908FBIFBI Intelligence BranchIs the nation's federal law enforcement agency; domestically gathers intelligence and enforces criminal lawNoneDepartment of JusticeFidelity, Bravery, IntegrityWashington, D.C.Andrew McCabe
1915CGICoast Guard IntelligenceSecures intelligence information for the Coast GuardU.S. Coast GuardDepartment of DefenseWashington, D.C.Christopher J. Tomney
1945INRBureau of Intelligence and ResearchProvides intelligence and analytic support to U.S. diplomatsNoneDepartment of StateWashington, D.C.Daniel B. Smith
1947CIACentral Intelligence AgencyGathers, processes, and analyzes national security information internationally; has no law enforcementNoneNoneThe Work of a Nation. The Center of Intelligence.Langley, VirginiaMike Pompeo
194825AF25th Air ForceProvides intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance resources and expertise; also tasked with cryptologyU.S. Air ForceDepartment of DefenceThe PentagonMajor General Mary F. O’Brien
1952NSANational Security AgencyMonitors, collects, and processes data for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposesNoneDepartment of DefenseDefending Our Nation, Securing the FutureFort Meade, MarylandRichard Ledgett
1961DIADefense Intelligence AgencyInforms policy makers about the military intentions and capabilities of foreign governments and non-state actors; has no law-enforcement authorityNoneDepartment of DefenseCommitted to Excellence in Defense of the NationWashington, D.C.Vincent R. Stewart
1961NRONational Reconnaissance OfficeDesigns, builds and operates reconnaissance satelites; provides satelite intelligences to several government agenciesNoneDepartment of DefenseSupra Et Ultra (Above and Beyond)Chantilly, VirginiaBetty J. Sapp
1973DEADrug Enforcement AdministrationAims to reduce supply, sale, smuggling, and use of illegal drugs in the United StatesNoneDepartment of JusticeTough Work, Vital MissionArlington County, VirginiaChuck Rosenberg
1977OICIOffice of Intelligence and CounterintelligenceGathers intelligence for the Department of Energy and helps other intelligence agencies with technical analysisNoneDepartment of EnergyWashington, D.C.Steven K. Black
1987MCIAMarine Corps Intelligence ActivityProvides intelligence to the Marine Corps and the U.S. Intelligence CommunityU.S. Marine CorpsDepartment of DefenseExcellence in Expeditionary IntelligenceWashington, D.C.BG Dimitri Henry May
1996NGANational Geospatial-IntelligenceCollects, analyzes, and and distributes geo-spatial intelligenceNoneDepartment of DefenseKnow the Earth... Show the Way... Understand the WorldSpringfield, VirginiaRobert Cardillo
2004TFIOffice of Terrorism and Financial IntelligenceResponsible for reducing the use of the financial system for illicit activities by terrorists, money launderes, drug cartels, and other security threatsNoneDepartment of the TreasuryWashington, D.C.Adam J. Szubin
2007I&AOffice of Intelligence and AnalysisDevelops, collects, and analyzes intelligence collected by the entire Department of StateNoneDepartment of Homeland SecurityWashington, D.C.General Frank Taylor
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