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Thinkers 6th Hour

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created November 28, 2016
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PersonMajor Fact #1Major Fact #2Major Fact #3
Nicolas Copernicusmathmatician and astronomerCame up with the concept of a heliocentric solar system.first to discount geocentrism
Tycho Brahelast naked eye astronomerthought sun orbited earththeorized that planets orbited sun, except for the earth
Isaac Newtonhighly influential physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, alchemist and theologian.Discovered many laws of physics and motionpublished Philosophae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, what is widely regarded to be one of the important books in the history of science.
Thomas HobbesBelived in a absloute monarchy Levithan is the most important book writtenHumans need another person to lead them the right way
John LockeTabula Rasa:Born neither good nor badAn Essay on Human Understanding:Encouraged toleration & equalityHelped come up with: "Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness"
Baron de MontesquieuCame up with Seperation of powersWrote spirit of the lawsargued with the church
Johannes KeplerDiscovered that the planets orbits in an eclipsical formation.Studied astronomy and astrology.Discovered the 3 major laws of planetary motion
Galileo GalileeDiscovered the 4 largest moons of jupiter Supported theory that sun is center of solar system and planets orbit itPersecuted by Catholic church
Andreas Vesaliusdissectionconcept of the egg giving lifeOf the fabric of the human body
William HarveyFirst to correctly describe the cirulation of bloodHelped make observations important in future embryology said heart was the muscle behind pumping the blood through the body.
Robert Boylescientific methodchemistrypressure & volume of a gas
Maria Winkelmanndiscovered cometcalendar with moon phaseswoman astronomer
VoltaireFirst to study events fundamentally based on culture (not religion)Radical beliefs on most things, including women's rights and religionDefended freedom of speech(mostly through his works)
Mary WollstonecraftMary wasn't trying to degrade men in her efforts to increase the social status of women. A Vindication of the Rights of the Women- life, liberty, and pursuit of happinessBeliefs used in womens rights movements 1800s
Jean Jacques RousseauSocial Contract Humans become jealous and greedy in societyOpposed people exercising sovereignty via representative assembly. Wanted people to make laws directly
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