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Thinkers 5th Hour

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PersonMajor Fact #1Major Fact #2Major Fact #3
Nicolas CopernicusCame up with the heliocentric theory.He worked in the church, but they banned his book about his theories.first to say sun was at the center of solar system
Tycho Brahelast naked eye astronomerthought sun orbited earththeorized that planets orbited sun, except for the earth
Isaac NewtonDiscovered modern day calculusDiscovered the force of gravity.Created the Particle Theory of Light.
Thomas HobbesPro-monarchybelieved that humans were born evil/greedy/etc..Involved in Declaration of Independence and Constitution for his unalienable rights
John LockeHelped to found the Carolina Colonies- how his beliefs got to AmericaIdea of empiricism (experience defines character) and tabula rasa (born with blank mind)He believed that people had freedom of their own religion and also endorsed less power within monarchies and concentrated powers.
Baron de MontesquieuWrote a book "Sprit of the laws" that influenced the US ConsitutionHad the idea for separation of power.Came up with the idea of checks and balances.
Johannes KeplerDeveloped the Three Laws of Planetary MotionPlanets orbit the sun in an ellipse instead of a circle.Both the Catholic and Anglican church persecuted his beliefs
Galileo GalileeHe was known for discovering different astronomical discoveriesWas known to discover the rates of different objects fall at a constent rateWas known for discovering how the tides corresponded with the different phases of the moon
Andreas VesaliusdissectionanatomyOf the fabric of the human body
William HarveyFirst to correctly describe the cirulation of bloodHelped make observations important in future embryology said heart was the muscle behind pumping the blood through the body.
Robert Boylescientific methodpressurevolume of a gas
Maria Winkelmanndiscovered cometcalendar with moon phaseswoman astronomer
VoltaireHe opposed the Catholic Church and the French Government.wanted religous tolerance and world peacewas exiled twice for mocking royalty and writing libelous poetry
Mary Wollstonecraftwrote a vindication of womans rights she was an advocate of womans rightsshe wanted woman to be educated
Jean Jacques RousseauWrote Social Contract (a guide to govern a corrupt country)His social contract was the inspiration for the declaration of independance The social contracts affect in the French revolution
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