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Thinkers 4th Hour

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created November 28, 2016
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PersonMajor Fact #1Major Fact #2Major Fact #3
Nicolas CopernicusChurch banished his book after he died as they were opposed to his ideasheliocentrismFirst to publish works on heliocentric planatary system
Tycho Brahelast naked eye astronomerthought sun orbited earththeorized that planets orbited sun, except for the earth
Isaac NewtonCreated the basic laws of physics.Optics, physics, forces of natural worldMathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
Thomas HobbesBelieved we should live under Monarchies so we dont have conflicts Wrote the Levianton - government should be monarchyBelieved that humans couldn't govern themselves - they are selfish
John Lockebelieved in tabula rasa (blank slate) - people are born with no knowledgeFounder of Empricism (all knowledge is derived from sense-experience)Called for separation of Church and State in Letter Concerning Toleration
Baron de MontesquieuHe wrote the Spirit of the Laws and Persian LettersBelieved in equal rights for both men and women and that slavery was wrongseparate of powers in the government
Johannes Keplerelliptical orbitsorbits of planets not perfectly roundorbits of planets not perfectly equidistant from sun
Galileo GalileeEnforced the Heliocentric TheoryInvented the telescope and observed spacehis middle finger is in a museum
Andreas VesaliusdissectionanatomyOf the fabric of the human body
William HarveyHe wrote "The Motion of the Heart" and "Animal Generation"He believed everything came from an eggHe was the first to accurately describe the circulatory system
Robert Boylescientific methodpressurevolume of a gass
Maria Winkelmanndiscovered cometcalendar with moon phaseswoman astronomer
VoltaireBelieved in the Enlightened Monarchy (king influenced by philosophers)Spoke out against the traditional ChurchBelieved in religious tolerance & freedom of speech
Mary WollstonecraftAdvocated womens rights/ equalityself-proclaimed feministeducation is the key to women's upward mobility
Jean Jacques RousseauControversial book was The Social Contract (banned by Paris Parliament)Influenced French and American revolution. And modern politics.Opposed people exercising sovereignty via a representative assembly. Wanted people to make laws directly
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