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The Periodic Table

Dmitri Mendeleev's brilliant insights eventually led to the creation of the Periodic Table - a tabular arrangement of the elements based on their recurring properties. The elements make up our universe - so why shouldn't they make up your study time, too?
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created October 5, 2017
Atomic NumberElement NameSymbolCategoryPictureEtymologyGroupPeriodAtomic Weight (u)
1HydrogenHdiatomic nonmetalcomposed of the Greek elements hydro- and -gen meaning 'water-forming'111.008
2HeliumHenoble gasthe Greek helios, 'sun'1814.002602
3LithiumLialkali metalthe Greek lithos, 'stone'126.94
4BerylliumBealkaline earth metalberyl, a mineral229.0121831
5BoronBmetalloidborax, a mineral13210.81
6CarbonCpolyatomic nonmetalthe Latin carbo, 'charcoal'14212.011
7NitrogenNdiatomic nonmetalthe Greek nitron and '-gen' meaning 'niter-forming'15214.007
8OxygenOdiatomic nonmetalfrom the Greek oxy-, both 'sharp' and 'acid', and -gen, meaning 'acid-forming'16215.999
9FluorineFdiatomic nonmetalthe Latin fluere, 'to flow'17218.998403163
10NeonNenoble gasthe Greek neos, meaning 'new'18220.1797
11SodiumNaalkali metalthe English word soda (natrium in Latin)[3]1322.98976928
12MagnesiumMgalkaline earth metalMagnesia, a district of Eastern Thessaly in Greece2324.305
13AluminiumAlother metalfrom alumina, a compound (originally aluminum)13326.9815385
14SiliconSimetalloidfrom the Latin silex, 'flint' (originally silicium)14328.085
15PhosphorusPpolyatomic nonmetalthe Greek phoosphoros, 'carrying light'15330.973761998
16SulfurSpolyatomic nonmetalLatin sulphur, 'sulfur'16332.06
17ChlorineCldiatomic nonmetalthe Greek chloros, 'greenish yellow'17335.45
18ArgonArnoble gasthe Greek argos, 'idle'18339.948
19PotassiumKalkali metalNew Latin potassa, 'potash' (kalium in Latin)[3]1439.0983
20CalciumCaalkaline earth metalthe Latin calx, 'lime'2440.078
21ScandiumSctransition metalScandia, the Latin name for Scandinavia3444.955908
22TitaniumTitransition metalTitans, the sons of the Earth goddess of Greek mythology4447.867
23VanadiumVtransition metalVanadis, an old Norse name for the Scandinavian goddess Freyja5450.9415
24ChromiumCrtransition metalthe Greek chroma, 'color'6451.9961
25ManganeseMntransition metalcorrupted from magnesia negra, see Magnesium7454.938044
26IronFetransition metalEnglish word (ferrum in Latin)8455.845
27CobaltCotransition metalthe German word Kobold, 'goblin'9458.933194
28NickelNitransition metalfrom Swedish kopparnickel, containing the German word Nickel, 'goblin'10458.6934
29CopperCutransition metalEnglish word (Latin cuprum)11463.546
30ZincZntransition metalthe German Zink12465.38
31GalliumGaother metalGallia, the Latin name for France13469.723
32GermaniumGemetalloidGermania, the Latin name for Germany14472.630
33ArsenicAsmetalloidEnglish word (Latin arsenicum)15474.921595
34SeleniumSepolyatomic nonmetalthe Greek selene, 'moon'16478.971
35BromineBrdiatomic nonmetalthe Greek bromos, 'stench'17479.904
36KryptonKrnoble gasthe Greek kryptos, 'hidden'18483.798
37RubidiumRbalkali metalthe Latin rubidus, 'deep red'1585.4678
38StrontiumSralkaline earth metalStrontian, a small town in Scotland2587.62
39YttriumYtransition metalYtterby, Sweden3588.90584
40ZirconiumZrtransition metalPersian Zargun, 'gold-colored';German Zirkoon, 'jargoon'4591.224
41NiobiumNbtransition metalNiobe, daughter of king Tantalus from Greek mythology5592.90637
42MolybdenumMotransition metalthe Greek molybdos meaning 'lead'6595.95
43TechnetiumTctransition metalthe Greek tekhnètos meaning 'artificial'7598
44RutheniumRutransition metalRuthenia, the New Latin name for Russia85101.07
45RhodiumRhtransition metalthe Greek rhodos, meaning 'rose coloured'95102.90550
46PalladiumPdtransition metalthe then recently discovered asteroid Pallas, considered a planet at the time105106.42
47SilverAgtransition metalEnglish word (argentum in Latin)[3]115107.8682
48CadmiumCdtransition metalthe New Latin cadmia, from King Kadmos125112.414
49IndiumInother metalindigo135114.818
50TinSnother metalEnglish word (stannum in Latin)145118.710
51AntimonySbmetalloidcomposed from the Greek anti, 'against', and monos, 'alone' (stibium in Latin)155121.760
52TelluriumTemetalloidLatin tellus, 'earth'165127.60
53IodineIdiatomic nonmetalFrench iode (after the Greek ioeides, 'violet')175126.90447
54XenonXenoble gasthe Greek xenos, 'strange'185131.293
55CaesiumCsalkali metalthe Latin caesius, 'sky blue'16132.90545196
56BariumBaalkaline earth metalthe Greek barys, 'heavy'26137.327
57LanthanumLalanthanidethe Greek lanthanein, 'to lie hidden'6138.90547
58CeriumCelanthanidethe then recently discovered asteroid Ceres, considered a planet at the time6140.116
59PraseodymiumPrlanthanidethe Greek praseios didymos meaning 'green twin'6140.90766
60NeodymiumNdlanthanidethe Greek neos didymos meaning 'new twin'6144.242
61PromethiumPmlanthanidePrometheus of Greek mythology who stole fire from the Gods and gave it to humans6145
62SamariumSmlanthanideSamarskite, the name of the mineral from which it was first isolated6150.36
64GadoliniumGdlanthanideJohan Gadolin, chemist, physicist and mineralogist6157.25
65TerbiumTblanthanideYtterby, Sweden6158.92535
66DysprosiumDylanthanidethe Greek dysprositos, 'hard to get'6162.500
67HolmiumHolanthanideHolmia, the New Latin name for Stockholm6164.93033
68ErbiumErlanthanideYtterby, Sweden6167.259
69ThuliumTmlanthanideThule, the ancient name for Scandinavia6168.93422
70YtterbiumYblanthanideYtterby, Sweden6173.045
71LutetiumLulanthanideLutetia, the Latin name for Paris36174.9668
72HafniumHftransition metalHafnia, the New Latin name for Copenhagen46178.49
73TantalumTatransition metalKing Tantalus, father of Niobe from Greek mythology56180.94788
74TungstenWtransition metalthe Swedish tung sten, 'heavy stone' (W is wolfram, the old name of the tungsten mineral wolframite)[3]66183.84
75RheniumRetransition metalRhenus, the Latin name for the river Rhine76186.207
76OsmiumOstransition metalthe Greek osmè, meaning 'smell'86190.23
77IridiumIrtransition metalIris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow96192.217
78PlatinumPttransition metalthe Spanish platina, meaning 'little silver'106195.084
79GoldAutransition metalEnglish word (aurum in Latin)116196.966569
80MercuryHgtransition metalthe New Latin name mercurius, named after the Roman god (Hg from former name hydrargyrum, from Greek hydr-, 'water', and argyros, 'silver')126200.592
81ThalliumTlother metalthe Greek thallos, 'green twig'136204.38
82LeadPbother metalEnglish word (plumbum in Latin)[3]146207.2
83BismuthBiother metalGerman word, now obsolete156208.98040
84PoloniumPoother metalPolonia, the New Latin name for Poland166209
85AstatineAtmetalloidthe Greek astatos, 'unstable'176210
86RadonRnnoble gasFrom radium, as it was first detected as an emission from radium during radioactive decay186222
87FranciumFralkali metalFrancia, the New Latin name for France17223
88RadiumRaalkaline earth metalthe Latin radius, 'ray'27226
89ActiniumAcactinidethe Greek aktis, 'ray'7227
90ThoriumThactinideThor, the Scandinavian god of thunder7232.0377
91ProtactiniumPaactinidethe Greek protos, 'first', and actinium, which is produced through the radioactive decay of protactinium7231.03588
92UraniumUactinideUranus, the seventh planet in the Solar System7238.02891
93NeptuniumNpactinideNeptune, the eighth planet in the Solar System7237
94PlutoniumPuactinidePluto, a dwarf planet in the Solar System7244
95AmericiumAmactinideThe Americas, as the element was first synthesized on the continent, by analogy with europium7243
96CuriumCmactinidePierre Curie, a physicist, and Marie Curie, a physicist and chemist, named after great scientists by analogy with gadolinium7247
97BerkeliumBkactinideBerkeley, California, where the element was first synthesized, by analogy with terbium7247
98CaliforniumCfactinideCalifornia, where the element was first synthesized7251
99EinsteiniumEsactinideAlbert Einstein, physicist7252
100FermiumFmactinideEnrico Fermi, physicist7257
101MendeleviumMdactinideDmitri Mendeleev, chemist and inventor7258
102NobeliumNoactinideAlfred Nobel, chemist, engineer, innovator, and armaments manufacturer7259
103LawrenciumLractinideErnest O. Lawrence, physicist37266
104RutherfordiumRftransition metalErnest Rutherford, chemist and physicist47267
105DubniumDbtransition metalDubna, Russia57268
106SeaborgiumSgtransition metalGlenn T. Seaborg, scientist67269
107BohriumBhtransition metalNiels Bohr, physicist77270
108HassiumHstransition metalHesse, Germany, where the element was first synthesized87269
109MeitneriumMtunknownLise Meitner, physicist97278
110DarmstadtiumDsunknownDarmstadt, Germany, where the element was first synthesized107281
111RoentgeniumRgunknownWilhelm Conrad Röntgen, physicist117282
112CoperniciumCntransition metalNicolaus Copernicus, astronomer127285
113UnuntriumUutunknownIUPAC systematic element name137286
114FleroviumFlunknownGeorgy Flyorov, physicist147289
115UnunpentiumUupunknownIUPAC systematic element name157289
116LivermoriumLvunknownLawrence Livermore National Laboratory (in Livermore, California) which collaborated with JINR on its synthesis167293
117UnunseptiumUusunknownIUPAC systematic element name177294
118UnunoctiumUuounknownIUPAC systematic element name187294
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