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The Internet

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created October 18, 2016
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Vocab Word/ConceptDescription
InternetA system that connects millions of computer networks, allowing users to communicate with one another and share resources and information across great distances.
BrowserA computer software program that allows the user to surf the Internet (access the Internet).
EmailElectronic mail. A means of sending messages to one another over the Internet.
HomepageThe main page of a website. Serves as a welcome to visitors and aids them in navigating the other pages on the site.
HTMLThe computer language used for creating Web pages.
HyperlinkA link that is a gateway between 2 documents on the Internet.
What does IP Address stand for?Internet Protocol Address
IP AddressA string of numbers assigned to each device using the Internet Protocol in a network.
ModemA device that allows a computer to transfer information over telephone or cable lines.
NetworkTwo or more computers that are connected and are allowed to share information.
What does URL stand for?Uniform Resource Locator
URLA web address
ISPInternet Service Provider
DownloadTo get a file from another computer
ARPANETThe network that became the basis of the Internet
1969The first message sent from one computer to another over a network called the Arpanet. (date)
1971The first electronic mail/email was sent (date)
1991The World Wide Web was created by Tim Berners-Lee (date)
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