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The Great Gatsby Characters

Learn about the characters from Fitzgerald's most famous novel, The Great Gatsby.
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NameDescriptionImage (from Movie)Actor (from Movie)
Jay GatsbyA fabulously wealthy and mysterious man who shows up in West Egg and begins throwing fantastic parties. He befriends Nick Carraway and confesses his love for Daisy Buchanan. This love drives the action of the story.Leonardo DiCaprio
Nick CarrawayA young man working to learn the bond business, he is the novel's narrator. He befriends Gatsby and is the only character in the book who appears to recognize the greatness of his friend.Tobey Maguire
Daisy BuchananA prime example of moral weakness, she is Nick's cousin and the wife of Tom Buchanan.Carey Mulligan
Tom BuchananThe wealthy man Daisy chose over Jay the first time she was in love with him. He is a bully, an adulterer, and violent.Joel Edgerton
Jordan BakerDaisy's friend and pro golfer, she is involved with Nick for a while. Elizabeth Debicki
Myrtle WilsonShackled by marriage to George Wilson, she longs for a better life. Her long-term affair with Tom Buchanan ends in her death, when she fights with her husband and runs into the street, only to be hit by Gatsby's car.Isla Fisher
George B. WilsonMyrtle's husband, he runs a garage. When she is killed, he murders Gatsby in an attempt at revenge and then commits suicide.Jason Clarke
Henry GatzJay Gatsby's father, and one of the few to attend his funeral.
Meyer WolfsheimA business associate of Gatsby, he is involved in organized crime. Amitabh Bachchan
Dan CodyGatsby's mentor and patron.Steve Bisley
CatherineMyrtle's sister. Adelaide Clemens
Ewing KlipspringerA freeloader who takes advantage of Gatsby's wealth, but casts him off when he is no longer useful by not showing up at his funeral.Brendan Maclean
Owl EyesNick meets him at one of Gatsby's parties, and he attends his funeral.Max Cullen
MichaelisHe runs a coffee shop next door to the Wilson's garage. He witnesses Myrtle's death.Vince Colosimo
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