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Tablet Notes

Tablet Notes to prepare for the Tablet Take Home Test
a data set by ms.garza
created September 29, 2016
Main IdeaDetails
Tablet Ultrabooktype of laptop computer designed to be light, long battery life
Laptop Mode, Tent Mode, Stand Mode, Tablet Mode
Tablet Ultrabook care - Food & DrinkNo eating and drinking around computer to prevent crumbs and food from getting in the keyboard
No stickers paint, or other “art work” on your computer itselfit could void the warranty
Safety of Tablet UltrabookKnow where your computer is at all times which should be in locker, laptop locker or with you, Okay to leave with trusted adult (like a teacher or parent)
School Hours8:30-3:20
Purpose of Computer UseEducational activities, NOT recreational activities during the school day
When should you charge your computerCharge your computer every night
Tablet Rules DURING SCHOOL HOURSNo Games, No Music, non-class related activities
Tablet Rules AFTER SCHOOL and HOMEYou may use games, music, social networks after school ends each day as long as it is okay with your parent/guardian
Screen SaversAny of the pre-loaded screensavers can be used
If a teacher/staff member asks you to change your wallpaperyou must IMMEDIATELY change it without argument.
Desktop Wallpaper Rulespeople in pics must wear tank top and shorts, nothing scary, no weapons, no drugs
Daily Tech Points for Ms Garza5 points every day with Ms. Garza for coming to class with:, Computer, in its case, charged, if not charged, then you brought your own charger
Web Cam RulesShould not be used during school hours unless for school assignments
#1 rule for any cameraMUST WEAR CLOTHES!
Web browsersa program on your computer that allows you to connect to websites on the internet
Major browsers you may useGoogle Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari
Who is responsible for backing up files on the computer?I am (The student is)
Saving Battery Lifereduce screen brightness to save battery life
Internet Monitoring and FilteringEverything you do on the internet at school is monitored by Ms. Garza, Lawrence School does not monitor or filter my websites away from school
Tech RepairsComputer issues should be taken to Mr. Lovelace in the Tech Office
Replacement Parts of computersAll computers have a 4 year warranty including accidental damage protection
Google ChromeRecommended web browser for use for school
Not covered by warrantyMalicious or purposeful damage to your computer
GmailSchool email service, Should be checked and read at least 1 time per day
Google Docs/DriveOnline tool to create, save, organize and share files with other people, Automatically saves as you type… never have to save!
Digital Book LibraryShared folder in Google Docs with all school textbooks and literature books
Google Classroomtool to connect you to your classes/teachers used to get work and return to teachers
OneNoteMicrosoft Note Taking Tool
Rules for Audio and Video Notes in OneNoteBefore recording audio/video notes, make sure to always get permission from teacher or any other person who is being recorded
Windows UpdatesUpdates from Microsoft for Windows 10 and other Microsoft software that will update when your Shut Down or Restart your Computer. These are GOOD updates
Why we lock down student computersto prevent viruses and spyware from infecting your computer and to keep your computer ready for school work
Antivirus software on your computerMicrosoft Security Essentials
Windows 10the Microsoft operating system on your Yoga computer
Windows 10 - Desktop“normal” Windows desktop with taskbar and notifications at bottom of screen
Start Screen in Windows 10The button in the bottom left corner that brings up programs, commonly used apps, recent documents and settings for your computer & It can be customized
Taskbar in Windows 10The bottom bar of your computer screen where open programs are display
System TrayThe bottom right corner of the taskbar where background programs are displayed as well as time/date
When does anti-virus software workwill update with Windows Updates
Computer Cases PersonalizationYou can customize your Computer Case with paint, duct tape, stickers, pictures...
Where should your computer be?with you, in your locker or in your laptop locker
How often should you restart or shut down your computer versus just putting it to sleep?At least once a day
What program is best to use for backing up files from your computer?Google Drive
What type of notes can you take with OneNoteInk, typed, audio or video notes
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