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Federal Judiciry Act1780 law passed by the first congress that set up lower federal courts
John JayFirst chief justice of the US Supreme Court
Attorney Generalnations top legal officer today also the head of the department of justice
CabnetGroup of executive department heads that serbe as the presidents cheif advisers
Inaugurate to formally swear in or induct into office
precedent an example that becomes standard practice
tarifftax on imported goods
Battle of Fallen Timbers1794 battle between Native Americans and the American Forces
Treaty of Greenville1795 treaty in which 12 native American tribes ceded control of much of ohio adn indiana to the US government
Whiskey Rebellion 1794 protest against the government tax on whiskey by backcountry
French Revolution Revolution overthrowing the government in France that began 178 and ended in violence and mass executions
Jayś Treatyagreement that ended the dispute with Britain over America shipping during the French Revoultion
Pinckneys Treaty1795 treaty with Spain allowing US comercial use of the Mississippi River
Northwest Territoryarea bounded by the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and the Great Lakes
neutralnot siding with any other country in dispute
John AdamsSecond Pressident of the United States
XYZ affair1797 incident in which French officals demanded a Bribe from US diplomats
Alien and Sedition Acts Series of four laws enacted in 1798 to reduce the political power of recent immigrants
States rightsidea that stats have certain rights that the federal Gov. can not overrule
nullificationidea that a state could cancel a federal law within any state
Kentucky and Virginia ResoulutionsResolutions passed by Kentucky and Virginia in 1798 giving states the right to declare acts of congress null and void
Foregin Policyrelations with the govenment to other nations
Political Party group of people that tries to promote its idea and infuence govenment
aliensimmigrants who are not yet citizens
Sedition stirring up rebellion against govenment
Federalistspeople who supported a strong national government and heirs to the supporters of the ratification of the Constitution
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