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Sociology Unit 3: Social Inequality

Vocabulary terms from Social Inequality unit.
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StratificationRanking people according to unequal access to scarce resources
Caste SystemStratification structure that does not allow for mobility
ApartheidSystem that segregated blacks and whites from each other in South Africa
Social MobilityMovement of individuals or groups between classes
BourgeoisieClass that owns the means of production
ProletariatClass that labors without owning the means of production.
Class ConsciousnessIdentification with the goals and interests of a social class
False ConsciousnessAdoption of the ideas of the dominant class by the less powerful class
Social ClassSegment of society whose memers hold similar amounts of resources
WealthTotal economic resources held by a person.
IncomeAmount of money recieved by an individual over a specific time period
PowerAbility to control behavior of others, even against their will
PrestigeRecognition, respect, and admiration attached to social posititions
StatusPosition in society
UnderclassPeople typically unemployed who come from families that have been poor for generations.
Feminization of PovertyBelief that people in poverty are more female and children
SexIdentity you are born with
GenderIdentity you believe you are
Glass ceilingLimitations for women in the work force based on the fact that they are women.
GenocideSystematic effort to destroy an entire population.
DiscriminationTreating people differently based on ethnicity, race, religion, or culture
RacisimAn extreme form of prejudice that assumes superiority of one group
PrejudiceWidely held negative attitudes toward a group of individuals
Ethnic cleansingAttempting to completely remove an ethnicity from a society.
AssimilationBlending or fusing of minority groups into the dominate society
AgeismA set of beliefs, attitudes, norms and values used to justify age based on prejudice and discrimination
Biological DeterminismBehavioral differences are a result of inherited physical characteristics
Gender IdentitySense of being male/female based on learned cultural values
Gender SocializationSocial process of learning how to act as a boy or girl
Occupational SexismConcentration of women in lower status posititions
SexismBeliefs, attitudes, norms, and values used to justify sexual inequality
Working PoorPeople employed in low skill jobs with the lowest pay who do not earn enough to rise out of poverty.
Cultural PluralismDesire of a group to maintain some sense of identity separate from the dominate group.
SubjugationProcess by which a minority group is denied equal access to the benefits of society
De jure segregationDenial of equal access based on the law
De facto segregationDenial of equal access based on everyday practice
Self-fulfilling prophecyAn expectation that leads to behavior that couses the expectation to become reality.
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