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Sign Language for Children

Learn some simple signs that you can do with children.
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created May 5, 2017
AirplaneTuck middle and ring finger, move hand (at an angle) away from body as if flying.
All Done/FinishedHold both hands open and facing you, then flick hands around, ending with palms facing out.
BookPut hands together, palm to palm. Then open hands as if opening a book, pinky fingers touching.
BoyStretch out all five fingers, and touch thumb to forehead. Then bring fingers down to touch the thumb, while pulling your hand away from your head.
BrokenBoth hands fisted, side by side and horizontal. Move and twist fists so that they are vertical.
BrotherMake an L shape with your thumb and index finger on dominant, then touch thumb to forehead. Move dominant hand down and stack on nondominant hand, with both index fingers extended.
CatWith both hands near the mouth, pinch each hand's thumb and index finger together, while pulling away from the face to each side.
ColdBend forearms to the chest, and shake your fists as though you were shivering.
CupUsing your dominant hand, wrap fingers into a C shape. Lay nondominant hand flat and set wrapped hand on flat hand.
DogPat your leg and snap fingers.
FamilyPinching thumb and index finger of both hands together, touch the two circles you've created together in front of your chest. Then extend your arms and move them in a circle, turning your hands so that your pinkies meet at the end.
FatherStretch all five fingers of dominant hand out, and tap thumb against forehead.
Food/EatPress thumb against the tips of your other fingers and tap against mouth.
ForkMake a 'plate' with nondominant hand, laying it upright and flat. Tuck all fingers but index and middle on dominant hand. Tap these fingers on your 'plate,' then bring to mouth. Repeat.
FoxTouch thumb and index finger together. Place the created circle over your nose, and twist hand up and down twice.
GameMake two fists with thumbs up, bump knuckles together.
GirlMake a fist with your thumb out, then draw your thumb along your jaw to your chin.
HatTouch flat hand to the top of the head.
HelloExtend fingers and place thumb across palm. Place side of hand in front of the ear and then extend it outward.
I Love YouPoint to yourself, then cross arms as if to hug your own body. Finally, point to the person you are addressing.
MilkSqueeze hand in and out of a fist.
MorePressing thumbs against fingertips, then tap the tips of both hands together.
MotherStretch all five fingers of dominant hand out, and tap thumb against chin.
Nice/CleanPlace nondominant hand face up, then move the other hand, palm down, over it.
NoTuck ring and pinky finger, then bring index and middle finger down against the thumb.
ParentsCombine the signs for Mother and Father, by touching your thumb to your forehead and then to your chin.
PleasePlace your flat right hand over your chest, then move it in a clockwise direction (left, down, right, up) several times.
PoliceCupping your hand to look like a badge (open C shape), place it on your opposite shoulder.
SickBending both middle fingers at the knuckle, touch your forehead with the middle finger of your one hand and your stomach with the middle finger of the other hand.
SisterShaping your hands into L's with thumb and index finger, touch your chin with the thumb of your dominant hand and bring it down to stack on top of the other hand.
StarExtend index fingers and hold hands together above your head. Raise and lower hands in an alternating pattern.
SweetLightly brush your fingers (palm flat towards your body) against your chin.
Thank YouBegin with your dominant hand flat and facing your body near your mouth. Move hand out and down towards the person you are thanking.
WindyHolding hands out in front of the body, wave arms and hands back and forth, as though wind were blowing them.
WorkForming both hands into fists, gently knock the wrist of your dominant hand against the other.
YesForming your dominant hand into a fist, move it up and down, imitating a head nodding.
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