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Semester Review

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created December 12, 2016
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A technician is trying to fix a Windows 7 computer that displays an "Invalid Boot Disk" error after POST. What is a possible cause of the error?The boot order is not set correctly in the BIOS.
What factors must be considered when choosing a computer case?the size of the motherboard and the power supply
A technician looks at a motherboard and sees a 24-pin connector. What component would connect to the motherboard through the use of this 24-pin connector?Power Supply
Which type of memory is primarily used as cache memory?SROM
Which component controls the communications and interactions between the CPU and other components on the motherboard?chipset
Which unit of measurement is used to indicate the hard drive speed?revolutions per minute
input devicebiometric authentication device
What type of connector can be used to connect an internal hard drive to the motherboard?SATA
Which two considerations would be of the greatest importance when building a workstation that will run multiple virtual machines?number of CPU cores and amount of RAM
Connects a keyboard or mouse to a computerPS2
multimedia interface initially developed for TVHDMI
connector for analog videoVGA
connector for coaxial cableBNC
connects to devices using the Mini Display port adapterThunderbolt
What components should be included in a computer that is used to create TV commercials and music videosspecialized video & audio card
How does an inline UPS protect computer equipment against electrical power brownouts and blackouts?by using a battery to supply a constant level of voltage
Which circumstance increases the likelihood of ESD damage to a computer?working in low levels of humidity
Which condition refers to a reduced voltage level of AC power that lasts for an extended period of time?brownout
A technician is unpacking a new PCIe video adapter from an antistatic bag to install the card in a desktop computer. What measures should the technician use to protect the card and other computer components?Use a correctly connected antistatic wrist strap
A technician is troubleshooting connectivity issues to a PC and needs to verify which cable is plugged into the correct port of the patch panel. What tool should the technician use?toner probe
Which tool is designed to loosen or tighten crosshead screws?phillips screwdriver
What tool would a technician use to remove a slotted screw?flat head screwdriver
Initializes disks, creates partitions, and formats partitions.Disk Management
Checks the integrity of files and folders on a hard drive. It can also check the disk surface for physical errors.Scandisk or Chkdsk
Prepares a hard drive to store information.Format
Previously known as Defrag, optimizes space on a hard drive.Optimize Drives
Clears space on a hard drive by searching for files that can be safely deletedDisk Cleanup
Scans the operating system's critical files and replaces files that are corrupt.System File Checker (SFC)
A technician suspects that a power supply is faulty. How can it be checked?multimedia
Why should an antistatic wrist strap be worn when working on electronic equipment?to equalize the electrical charge between a person and the equipment
What is used to prevent the motherboard from touching metal portions of the computer case?standoffs
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