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Science Unit 4 Lessons 4 & 5

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What is a muck fire?Dead plant and animal matter that burns underground.
What causes flash flooding?Flooding, heavy rain.
Why is Florida so susceptible to hurricanes?It is surrounded by warm water.
In Florida, the land and air warm up during a long summer day. Then cool sea breezes blow in from both coasts of the peninsula at once. The two sea breezes together push the warm, humid air over the land upward quickly. To what type of natural hazard does this weather pattern lead?Thunderstorms.
Describe the effects of floods in Florida.Water damage.
After an extreme-weather event, a 1-mi-wide trail of destruction involved uprooted trees, downed power lines, and destroyed buildings. What type of weather event happened?Tornado
What is a wildfire?Uncontrolled fires burning in natural areas.
What frequently forms at the top of a thunderstorm?Ice.
What is lightning?The discharge of static electricity that takes place in clouds or between a cloud and the ground.
What is thunder?The soundwave made by the expansion of air along a lightning strike.
Which type of weather event is caused by tropical low-pressure system with strong, sustained winds?Hurricane.
Where does a hurricane get its energy?Warm water.
Near Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Hurricane Opal caused a rapid rise in water levels along the coast, and water reached 24 ft. This caused extensive flooding and destruction. What is such an event called?Storm surge.
What weather condition would most likely cause damage to crops, cars, and windows?Hail.
What is likely to cause a wildfire?Lightning.
Where are the worst places to be during a tornado?A trailer home.
Most of Florida is no more than about 50 m above sea level. Jayla hears on a news report that there is a chance of severe flooding in her area. Jayla lives in a low-lying area. What may be her best course of action?Evacuate.
In excess, exposure to the sun can cause skin damage and eye burns. Over time, the sun's rays can even cause cancer. Which type of ray from the sun is responsible for this?UV rays.
Human skin contains melanin. Melanin helps protect the skin from which environmental factor?UV rays.
Which types of sever weather would most likely uproot trees and destroy homes?Hurricanes & tornados
What are 3 effects of lightning?Injury or death, wildfires, and damage to powerlines.
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