Provinces of China

In China, provinces are the highest-level administrative divisions. Its 34 divisions include 23 provinces, 4 municipalities, 5 autonomous regions, and 2 special administrative regions. This alphabetical list contains key facts about these 34 divisions, including their locations, cities, areas, populations, and more.
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TypeNameName in ChineseMeaning of NameAbbreviationAbbreviation in ChineseMapRegionCapitalLargest CityArea (square kilometers)Area (square miles)PopulationPopulation Density (per square kilometer)Population Density (per square mile)Attractions
ProvinceAnhui安徽Combination of the names of two cities: Anqing and HuizhouWanEast ChinaHefeiFuyang139,60053,90060,300,0004301,100Mount Huangshan; Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui - Xidi and Hongcun; Mount Langya
MunicipalityBeijing北京Northern capitalJingNorth China16,411 6,33621,700,0001,3003,400The Palace Museum; Temple of Heaven; Great Wall
MunicipalityChongqing重庆Double celebrationYuSouthwest China82,40331,81649,165,5006001,500Ciqikou; Hongyadong; People's Liberation Monument
ProvinceFujian 福建Combination of the names of two cities: Fuzhou and JianzhouMinEast ChinaFuzhouQuanzhou121,40046,90037,700,011319800Fujian Tulou; Wuyi Mountains; Gulangyu Island
ProvinceGansu甘肃Combination of the names of two cities: Ganzhou and SuzhouGan/Long甘/陇Northwest ChinaLanzhouLanzhou425,800164,40025,575,25460160Jiayuguan Pass of the Great Wall; Mogao Grottoes; Silk Route Museum
ProvinceGuangdong广东At the east of the expanseYueSouth Central ChinaGuangzhouGuangzhou179,80069,400108,500,0006001,600Danxia Mountain; Yuexiu Hill; Zhongshan Sun Wen Memorial Park
Autonomous RegionGuangxi广西At the west of the expanseGuiSouth Central ChinaNanningNanning236,70091,400 46,026,600207540Li River; Ban Gioc–Detian Falls; Jingjiang Princes' City
ProvinceGuizhou贵州Precious province/cityGui/Qian贵/黔Southwest ChinaGuiyangBijie176,16768,01834,746,468200510Huangguoshu Waterfall; The Dong village of Zhaoxing
ProvinceHainan 海南South of the sea (Qiongzhou Strait)QiongSouth Central ChinaHaikouHaikou35,40013,700 9,110,000260670Yalong Bay; Five Finger Mountain; Five Officials Temple
ProvinceHebei河北North of the river (Yellow River)JiNorth ChinaShijiazhuangBaoding187,70072,50073,326,1013901,000Shanhai Pass of the Great Wall; Chengde Mountain Resort; Xibaipo Village
ProvinceHeilongjiang黑龙江Amur RiverHeiNortheast ChinaHarbinHarbin454,800175,60038,312,22484220Bukui Mosque; Ice and Snow World; Wudalianchi Lakes
ProvinceHenan河南South of the river (Yellow River)YuSouth Central ChinaZhengzhouNanyang167,00064,00094,100,0005601,500The Longmen Grottoes; Shaolin Temple; Yinxu
Special Administrative RegionHong Kong香港Fragrant harbourGangSouth Central China2,7551,0647,234,8006,54416,949Ocean Park Hong Kong; Victoria Peak; Lantau Island
ProvinceHubei湖北North of the lake (Dongting Lake)ESouth Central ChinaWuhanWuhan185,90071,80058,500,000310820Three Gorges of the Yangtze; Shennongjia National Nature Reserve; Mount Wudang
ProvinceHunan湖南South of the lake (Dongting Lake)XiangSouth Central ChinaChangshaHengyang210,00080,00067,370,000320830Zhangjiajie; Fenghuang County; Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area
Autonomous RegionInner Mongolia内蒙古From the Mongolian öbür monggol, where öbür means the front, sunny side of natural barrierMengNorth ChinaHohhotChifeng1,183,000457,00024,706,3212052Da Zhao Temple; Bashang Grasslands; Mausoleum of Genghis Khan
ProvinceJiangsu江苏Combination of the names of two cities: Jiangning and SuzhouSuEast ChinaNanjingSuzhou102,60039,60079,800,0007802,000Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum; Zhouzhuang; Hanshan Temple
ProvinceJiangxi江西The western JiangnanGanEast ChinaNanchangGanzhou166,919 64,44845,200,000270700Lushan National Park; Longhushan; Donglin (East Wood) Temple
ProvinceJilin吉林From a Manchu phrase meaning "along the river"JiNortheast ChinaChangchunChangchun191,12673,79427,462,297140370Paektu Mountain; Mausoleum of Princess Jeonghyo; Wandu Mountain City
ProvinceLiaoning辽宁Peace on the Liao RiverLiaoNortheast ChinaShenyangShenyang145,90056,30043,900,000300780Mukden Palace; Wunu Mountain City; Bijia Mountain
Special Administrative RegionMacau澳门Mirror sea/Inlet gatesAoSouth Central China30.511.8650,90021,41155,454Ruins of St. Paul's; Senado Square; A-Ma Temple
Autonomous RegionNingxia宁夏Tranquil Xia (Western Xia)NingNorthwest ChinaYinchuanYinchuan66,399.7325,637.086,301,35089231Xixia Tombs; Helan Mountains; Mount Sumeru Grottoes
ProvinceQinghai青海Qinghai Lake (blue/green lake)QingNorthwest ChinaXiningXining720,000 280,0005,626,722820Qinghai Lake; Kumbum Monastery
ProvinceShaanxi陕西West of the Shan PassShan/Qin陕/秦Northwest ChinaXi'anXi'an205,80079,50037,327,378180470Terracotta Army; Mount Hua; Forest of Stone Steles Museum
ProvinceShandong山东East of the mountains (Taihang Mountains)LuEast ChinaJinanLinyi157,10060,70097,333,9006201,600Mount Tai; Temple and Cemetery of Confucius; Baotu Spring
MunicipalityShanghai上海Upon the seaHuEast China6,3412,44824,152,7003,8009,900The Bund; Yu Garden; Oriental Pearl Tower
ProvinceShanxi山西West of the mountains (Taihang Mountains)JinNorth ChinaTaiyuanYuncheng156,000 60,00036,500,000230610Ancient City of Pingyao; Yungang Grottoes; Mount Wutai
ProvinceSichuan四川Four rivers (Jialing, Jinsha, Min, and Tuo)Chuan/Shu川/蜀Southwest ChinaChengduChengdu485,000187,00081,100,000170430Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area; Mount Emei; Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries
ProvinceTaiwan台湾The name of the sandbar (Tayouan) and nearby area TaiTaipeiTaipei36,19313,974 23,519,5186491,681National Palace Museum; Taroko National Park; Sun Moon Lake
MunicipalityTianjin天津Ford of heavenJinNorth China11,7604,54015,469,5001,3003,400Five Main Avenues; Tianjin Eye; Porcelain House
Autonomous RegionTibet 西藏Western Tsang (a subregion of Greater Tibet)ZangSouthwest ChinaLhasaLhasa1,228,400474,300 3,180,0002.66.7Potala Palace; Jokhang Temple; Namtso Lake
Autonomous RegionXinjiang新疆New frontierXinNorthwest ChinaUrumqi Urumqi 1,664,897642,820 21,815,8151330Heavenly Lake of Tianshan; Kanas Lake; Id Kah Mosque
ProvinceYunnan云南South of the Yun (Yunling Mountains)Yun/Dian云/滇Southwest ChinaKunmingKunming394,000152,00045,966,239120300Xishuangbanna; Shilin (Stone Forest); Lijiang
ProvinceZhejiang浙江Old name of Qiantang RiverZheEast ChinaHangzhouHangzhou101,80039,30055,643,8415501,400West Lake; Qiandao Lake; Mount Putuo
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