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Poetic Devices

Learn and discover the various types of poetic devices in a challenging way that requires critical thinking skills.Poeti
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Poetic DeviceDefinitionExample
metaphora comparison without like or as Her smile is a golden ray of sunshine.
similea comparison using like or asThe cat was as fast as lightening as it chased the mouse.
personificationgiving objects the qualitites and charactersitics of a personThe wind whistled through the open windows as the storm approached.
onomatopoeiawords that sound like their meaningsAbby cried when she see the squished birthday cake in the trunk of her car.
allusiona reference to a famous person, place, or thing; can also be a reference to the Bible and its contentsA modern-day Noah, Joe thought if it rained much more he would need to build an ark.
alliterationrepetition of sounds at the beginning of wordsWe worked hard to have a wonderful and worthwhile Wednesday.
assonancerepetition of vowel sounds in a set of wordsThe fat cat wearing a hat sat on the mat.
true rhymerepetion of consonant sounds at the ends of wordsmarker & Parker
hyperbolean exaggeration intended for emphasisI'm so angry that I'm about to explode.
oxymorona pair of opposites; a pair of words that contradict each otherjumbo shrimp; bittersweet
slant (near) rhymewords that are similar but not identical in soundtrudge & bridge
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