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Parts of the Cell

This cellular biology data set includes diagrams and names of the cell parts found in plant, animal and bacteria cells. There is also information about the function of each cell part and where it’s located within the cell.
a data set by ms_thompson
created January 6, 2017
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PartFunctionType of CellWhere in the CellDiagram
cell wallallows water, ions and some molecules to enter and exit; provides structure and supportplant and bacteriaouter layer of the cell
cell membranesemipermeable: allows some materials to enter and exit; separates internal and external enivironment; allows cell to excrete wastes and interact with its environmentplant, animal and bacteriaplant and bacteria: inside cell wall; animal: outer layer of the cell
cytoplasmcreates the environment of the cell; location of all metabolic reactionsplant, animal and bacteriainside of the cell
vacuolestores nutrients, water, waste, etc.plant and animalinside of the cell
ribosomesbuilds protein through protein synthesis; made of RNAplant, animal and bacteriainside of the cell
golgi complexmodifies cellular products and exports them to parts of the cellplant and animalinside of the cell
rough endoplasmic reticulumproduces phospholipids and proteinsplant and animalinside of the cell; near the nucleus
smooth endoplasmic reticulumbuilds lipids (cholestorol, etc.); produces estrogen, testosterone and calcium; helps detoxify drugs and poisonsplant and animalinside of the cell; near the rough endoplasmic reticulum
central vacuolestores water, enzymes, metabolic wastes and other materialsplantinside of the cell; can fill 90% of the cell
chloroplastcompletes photosynthesis; contains chlorophyllplantinside of the cell
mitochondriacompletes cell respirationplant and animalinside of the cell
nucleuscontains DNA; controls most cellular functions through RNA signalsplant and animalinside of the cell
nucleolusarea of the nucleus where DNA is concentrated when making ribosomesplant and animalinside the nucleus
nuclear membraneregulates what enters and exits the nucleusplant and animalouter layer of the nucleus
centrosomecentral point of microtubules; helps with cell divisionanimalnear the nuclear membrane
lysosomecontain digestive enzymes to break down large moleculesplant and animalinside the cell
microtubulesact as tracks that guide organelles and molecules through the cell; provides supportplant and animalinside the cell
nuclear poresprovide passageways for RNA and other materials to enter and exit the nucleusplant and animalon the nuclear membrane
piliallows bacteria to attach to other cellsbacteriaoutside the cell; on the cell wall
nucleiod regionDNA is found here in bacteria cellsbacteriain the center of the cell
flagellumallows cell to movebacteriaoutside the cell; on the cell wall
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