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Parts of a Flower

Flowers consist of many different parts! This will help you learn the name of the part and why it is so important!
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Flower PartDefinition
StamenThis is the male part of the flower. It is made of filament and anther. The number of stamen is usually the same as the number of petals on the flower.
AntherThis is the part of the stamen that makes and contains pollen. It is usually on top of a long stalk that looks like a fine hair.
FilamentThis is the fine hair-like stalk that the anther sits on top of.
PistilThis is the female part of the flower. It is made of the stigma, style, and ovary.
StigmaOne of the female parts of the flower. The stigma is the sticky bulb that you see in the center of the flower. It is the part of the pistil of a flower which receives the pollen grains and where they germinate.
StyleAnother female part of the flower. This is the long stalk that the stigma sits on top of.
OvaryThe part of the plant, usually at the bottom of the flower. The ovary has seeds inside and turns into the fruit that we can eat. The ovary contains ovules.
OvuleThe part of the ovary that becomes the seeds.
PetalThe colorful part of the flower. They attract pollinators and are usually the reason why we love flowers.
SepalThe parts that look like little green leaves that cover the outside of a flower bud to protect the flower before it opens.
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