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Pacific Grove

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What is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast?Point PinosPoint ReyesAlacatraz IslandAsilomar
What is Pacific Grove’s Official Flower?FuschiaIce PlantDaisyMesembryanthemum
What is Chris Crandell's Football Number?78775389
What is the original use of Pacific Grove?Methodist RetreatChinese Fishing CommunityCannery RowSteinbeck's First Home
What street was Doc Rickett's original laboratory?FountainCannery RowLighthouseMaple
What famous songwriter died in a plane crash off the coast of Pacific Grove?John DenverJames DeanHarry ChapinJimi Hendrix
What is the fine for killing or harming a butterfly in Pacific Grove?$1000$100$250$25
What is the name of the beached whale outside of the Natural History Museum?SandyBeachyBillyJack
When was the Pacific Grove School District established?1895
What was the original structure of PGHS?Morgue
What was the first public school in Pacific Grove?Robert Down
Who was the owner of the original Pacific Biological Laboratory?Ed Ricketts
What was Pacific Grove's motto through the 1930's?City of Smiles
Who is the current mayor of Pacific Grove?Bill Kampe
Who were one of the original occupants of the area now known as Pacific Grove?Ohlone Tribe
Which princess is the Feast of Lantern's Queen?Topaz
What is the highest point on the Monterey Peninsula?Jacks Peak
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