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Norse Mythology

A set of Norse gods and giants.
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ImageNameOther NamesTypeDescriptionSignature PossessionOther AssociationsHall/HomeConsort/SpouseChildren
OdinWodan, AllfatherAesir godChief of the Aesir, a god of battle frenzy and magicGungnir (spear)Accompanied by two ravens, Hugin and Munin (Memory and Thought), and two wolves, Geri and Freki (Greedy and Insatiable)Valhalla, ValaskjalfFriggThor, Baldr, Váli, Víðarr
ThorAsa-ThorAesir godSky and thunder god, defender of the Aesir, warrior god, with roles in crop husbandry Mjöllnir (hammer)Rides a chariot drawn by two goatsBilskirnirSifMagni, Modi, Thrud
BaldrBright godAesir godA god of death and renewal, of light and lifeAssociated with the glow which surrounded him and mistletoe, an arrow of which killed himBreithablikNannaForseti
FreyrIngwaz, IngVanir godFertility and prosperity godSkíðblaðnir (ship)Accompanied by a boar, Gullinbursti (Golden-bristled) AlfheimGerðrFjölnir
LokiSly god, LoptDebatedTricksterSigyn, AngrbodaHel, Jormundandr, Fenrir, Sleipnir, Narfi
ÆgirHlérJotun (giant)Benevolent sea godGiant CauldronHall beneath the seaRán9 daughters
HeimdallrSon of Nine Mothers, Golden-toothedAesir godProtection god - a god of keen sight and hearing, he watches over Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that leads to Asgard (the home of the Aesir)Gjallarhorn (horn)Associated with the ramHiminbjörgSometimes said to have fathered humankind
MímirDebatedCounselor to the gods - killed at the end of the war between the Vanir and the Aesir, his head was preserved by Odin so that it may still dispense wisdomMímisbrunnr (the Well of Urd)
TyrTiwaz, One-handedAesir godA war god, a god of justice and lawSpearThe rune Tiwaz is name for this god, and meant to symbolize his weapon, the spear
ManiAesir godMoon godChased by Hati (Hate), a wolf which will devour him in the end times
BragiþulrVariously a man brought to Asgard to sing for the gods, or a god himselfOdin's bard, or a god of poetryGolden harpValhallaIðunn
HœnirMarsh-king, Swift godAesir godPerhaps an extension of Odin, this god appears as a travelling companion to Odin and Loki, as well having a role in creating the first humansUsually depicted as part of a trio of wanderers
FreyjaLadyVanir goddessGoddess of lover, beauty, wealth, and fertility, as well as a practitioner of seidr (a form of Norse magic)Brísingamen (necklace) and a cloak of falcon feathers that enabled her to shapeshiftAssociated with gold, "Freyja's tears" was a kenning for gold (as she was said to cry tears of red gold)FolkvangrÓðrHnoss, Gersemi
FriggFriggaAesir goddessThe wife of the chief of the gods, and likely a practitioner of seidrA cloak of falcon feathers that enabled her to shapeshiftHer similarities to Freyja are quite apparent, and it is possible that the two were once one goddessFensalirOdinBaldr
IðunnIdunAesir goddessThe keeper of the fruit which sustains the immortality of the godsHer basket of life giving fruitValhallaBragi
GefjunAesir goddessFertility earth goddess, associated with prosperityThe island of Zealand, given to her by King GylfiAssociated with the plowSelund
RánJotun (giant)Sea goddess, she represents the dangerous and sinister aspects of the seaA net, used to catch sailorsHall beneath the seaÆgir9 daughters
SifAesir goddessLikely an earth goddess, associated with crops and fertilityHer golden hairBilskirnirThorUllr
SigynAesir goddessHer role beyond dutiful wife has been lostBowlLokiNarfi
SkaðiJotun (giant)HuntressBow, snowshoes, skisAssociated with hunting and winterThrymheimNjord (separated)
SólSunnaAesir goddessSun goddessChased by Skoll (Mockery), a wolf which will devour her in the end times
UrdUrðr, WyrdNornShaper of destiny, especially of the pastAssociated with carving runes and weaving, both of which were ways the norns shaped destiniesWell of Urd
VerdandiVerthandiNornShaper of destiny, especially of the presentAssociated with carving runes and weaving, both of which were ways the norns shaped destiniesWell of Urd
SkuldNorn, ValkyrieShaper of destiny, especially of the futureAssociated with carving runes and weaving, both of which were ways the norns shaped destiniesWell of Urd
HatiManagarmWarg - giant wolfThe wolf that chases the moonAssociated with solar eclipsesJárnviðr (Ironwood)
SköllWarg - giant wolfThe wolf that chases the sunJárnviðr (Ironwood)
YmirJotun (giant)The giant from whose body the world was createdGinnungagap (where he was formed)Father of Jotun-kind
HelJotun (giant)The goddess of the dead, the ruler of Hel (the underworld)Hel
FenrirHróðvitnirWarg - giant wolfThe wolf who ushers in RagnarokGleipnir, the unbreakable bonds which hold himAssociated with Ragnarok, which he is to usher in with his howls before he devours the worldHati, Sköll
JormungandrMidgard Serpent, World SerpentGiant snakeThe snake that is wrapped around MidgardAssociated with the ouroboros symbol, as his length is such that he may circle the whole world and grasp his tailThe sea
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