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Modes of Adaption Period 5

a data set by justin.benolkin
created December 6, 2016
ScenarioMode of Adaption
Horton goes to work and really wants to get that promotion. Conformity
A person wants to have a nice TV, and they chose to break into your house and take yours.Innovation
Kid wants money to be successful so he goes to college, gets a job and makes a career out of it.Conformity
Working as a waitress without actually enjoying it.Ritualism
A guy wants to go to the homecoming dance, so he asks a girl he knowsConformity
Want love and goes no dating sites.Conformity
A student doesn't care about school or college, but they still do homework enough to pass classes.Ritualism
Norton buys organs off the black market to stay healthy.Innovation
Jim does the class activity but he doesn't really care about it at all. Ritualism
There is someone who has a really good job, but doesn't do any work at all. They pay someone else to do it and take all the credit. This would be...Innovation
A man has grown up in life with two parents and his older sister. Now he is an adult and has a wife and two children himself. This man is an example ofConformity
Want to be a good lawyer but forges evidence.Innovation
Wants to get a promotion so he ruins his competition and plagiarizes stuffInnovation
Someone wants to get a job, and instead of working for it they call in a favor from their uncle who is the CEOInnovation
Highschooler gets part-time job because it's what's expected.Ritualism
A person wants to make money, so they decide to create a YouTube channel and plays video games. They put Ads on their videos to make money.Innovation
Somebody wants to have sex, so instead of finding a significant other, they just hire a prostitute. Innovation
A zookeeper wants to free all the tigers, so he hides in the bathroom until the zoo closes at night and secretly lets all the tigers out into the wild.Rebellion
Don't want to settle and make a home, so become a hobo.Retreatism
Amish people return to their way of life because its what they are used to Ritualism
A student takes a gap year after college to help out in a third world country. Retreatism
Cuts up his credit cards and ID. Burns all his money. Leaves to go live in Alaskan wilderness. Retreatism
Gets into a fight with group members about how to do the project and leaves the group.Retreatism
A zookeeper wants to free all the tigers, so he hides in the bathroom until the zoo closes at night and secretly lets all the tigers out into the wild.Rebellion
A YouTuber makes a video complaining about the bad Copyright Claim system the site has. They have a petition in the description.Rebellion
A high school kid is going through the drivers ed programs to get their license. After doing all the work the student decides to not take the test to get their license. This student is performingRitualism
Want women's equality, so walk around without shirts regardless of whatever rules.Rebellion
Someone doesn't care about fitting in in society so they go live alone in the mountains foreverRetreatism
Don't agree with the Empire's government so you blow up the death star.Rebellion
Eric's neighbor is playing very loud music, so he shoots him in the head. Innovation
Presidential election turns out against your favor and you move to Canada. It's pretty close so it's possible. Retreatism
A teacher is bored of his job, but he wants to keep earning money, so every day he tells his students they can have a secret free hour while he lays on the floor and sleeps.Ritualism
A boy wants to be really muscular, but doesn't want to work out all the time, so he uses steroids.Innovation
Being vegan and voicing your opinion.Rebellion
A person chooses not to go to their church when they are suppose to.Retreatism
People fight the presidential election by protestingRebellion
A young kiddo flees to the jungle and lives with his tiger friend.Retreatism
A teenager gets a part-time job just because they're expected to, not because they actually WANT that jobRitualism
Fourton quits his job and lives in the streets as a street performer for no reason.Retreatism
A homeless person is living under a bridge. They refuse to work and accepts his position in life without the will or the want to change. This person is performing Retreatism
Unable to keep peace in the republic so you go live as a hermit on dagobah Retreatism
Jorton stands up during choir class and says that he won't sing any more christian songs in this public school. Rebellion
Haakon stands outside the White House with a sign that says "Come on!"Rebellion
A person chooses to bring a portable gaming system to school. They use it during class.Innovation
Person doesn't want to pay for college, so they attend class and refuse to pay.Rebellion
going to a game, even though you don't enjoy the game.Ritualism
Worton asks a girl out on a date and dates her a while and then asks her to marry him and then they have a few kids and buy a house together. Conformity
Mr Carr doesn't want to be here but he's teaching the lesson anywayRitualism
Not doing a fourth question when the teacher tells you toRebellion
A person wants to keep the sun out of their eyes while hiking in the desert, but they don't have sunglasses. So instead they find a big desert lizard and hold it above their head to cast a shadow all day.Innovation
want to make money so you smuggle things with your wookie buddyInnovation
Leonardo DiCaprio from the Wolf of Wall Street is the boss of a stocks trading business. He works and makes money to achieve wealth. However, his business does many illegal things. Leonardo is performing Innovation
I need money for groceries so I take out a life insurance policy on my wife and murder her. Innovation
Haakon decides he wants to be a male stripper and quits his more lucrative job to do so.Innovation
Kids wants to be successful so he takes notes and studies hard to get good grades. Conformity
Drug addict in rehabilitation who goes through the motions but has no intention of recoveryRitualism
Someone wants to be wealthy, thus goes to college and became doctor and works.Conformity
Mark goes to work everyday to make a living, but doesn't care about his clients or their well being.Ritualism
Someone commits a "White collar -crime" in order to gain wealth.Innovation
Naked man showing up at schoolInnovation
Mr.Benolkin goes to work everyday Conformity
Jeremy hates school and doesn't care about what grades he gets. He rarely even shows up to school.Retreatism
A businessman wears nice suits and behaves sociably to make moneyConformity
If you attend school but you don't care about the lessons and the exams, you're just there cause your environment says so.Ritualism
Bill Cosby raping womenInnovation
Alex Drake steals a chromebook after class Innovation
George hates everyone and doesn't want to live around anyone anymore. He moves into the forest with no contact to anyone.Retreatism
Politician who runs for the presidency for the supposed good of the American people, but really just wants to take their money.Innovation
Building a wall for Mexico in order to keep out immigrants. Innovation
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