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Metabolism Game - Cole Havlek, AP Bio 5

The Metabolism, Enzymes and Substrates, and Energy
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created December 8, 2016
TermDefinitionSymbol/Other Info
AnabolicBuilding Molecules Through Consuming Energy
CatabolicBreaking Down Molecules and Releasing Energy
EnergyThe Ability To Do Work
Kinetic EnergyEnergy of Motion
Thermal EnergyHeat Energy
HeatEnergy of Molecular Movement
Potential Energy"Stored" Energy
Chemical EnergyPotential Energy Stored in Chemical Bonds
EntropyThe Measure of DisorderS
EnthalpyTotal EnergyH
1st Law of ThermodynamicsEnergy is conserved; Transferred, not created or destroyed
2nd Law of ThermodynamicsEntropy will increase as a result of reactions
Gibbs Free Energy EquationΔG = ΔH-TΔS
EndergonicSpontaneous, ΔG > 0
ExergonicRequires input of energy, ΔG < 0
EndothermicAbsorbs Heat
ExothermicReleases Heat
Free EnergyEnergy that causes change in living systems
EnzymeAn organic catalystFits with Substrates
CatalystSubstance that accelerates chemical reactions
SubstrateReactant/Signalling MoleculeFits with Enzyme
Active SiteWhere the reactant binds to the enzyme
Induced FitA change in enzyme shape to create better fit with reactant
Competative InhibitorInhibits by binding to (and filling up) the active site
Noncompetative InhibitorInhibits by binding somewhere other than the active site
Allosteric RegulationRegulatory molecules induce a confermational change in enzyme funtion and shape.
CooperativityBinding of substrate can promote binding/activity at other active sites.
Feedback InhibitionThe end product of a reation inhibits the same reaction
ATPCarries phosphates. Its breakdown releases energy.
Energy CouplingATP Hydrolysis and Phosphate Transfer.
Phosphorylated IntermediateThe product of phosphate transfer, which has a covalently bound phosphate, and is more reactive.
Activation EnergyThe Energy needed to start a reaction via breaking bonds.
MetabolismOrganic chemical reations that occur in a living system
Metabolic PathwaysEither builds or dismantles molecules.
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