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Marine Ecology

Marine Ecology Test Review
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created October 27, 2016
CommunityIf you study all of the ants, beetles, and worms living in the Grotto, you are studying a(n):
The total amount of energy present at each trophic level in a system.What does an energy pyramid show?
herbivores and algae eatersPrimary consumers are:
carnivores that eat other carnivoresTertiary or top consumers are:
Food , SpaceTwo of these are common limiting resources. Which ones are they?
carnivores that eat herbivoresSecondary consumers are:
10%How much energy is transferred when animals eat plants or other animals from the level below them?
TRUEFood chains with fewer levels are more efficient than food chains with more levels. (T/F)
parasitismA symbiotic relationship where one organism gains nutrition and a home while the other is harmed is:
Herbivores eat plants, which are more plentiful and have a high percentage of original sun energy.Why do herbivores tend to be larger than carnivores?
The natural environment where an organism lives.What is an organism's habitat?
TRUEWhen you write an organism's scientific name, the genus is capitalized. (T/F)
PopulationLast weekend, you went to Catalina to study some Garibaldi, California's state fish. You observed a dozen of them, and recorded their interactions with each other. What grouping did you study?
autotrophsPrimary producers are:
traits that each of those animals or groups possess.Hash marks on a cladogram represent:
Intraspecific �competition Two hermit crabs fighting over a new shell is an example of:
a group of organisms that come from a common ancestor. A clade is:
Food webs combine all of the food chains in an ecosystem.What is the difference between a food chain and a food web?
points in time when two different animals or groups shared a common ancestor.Branching points of a cladogram indicate:
EcologyIf you study organisms and their surroundings, what branch of biology is she studying?
TaxonomyYou are organizing animals based on common traits. Which branch of science is this?
EcosystemWhich of these is the biggest ecological division?
Carrying Capacity What is the maximum amount of individuals a population can support in a particular ecosystem?
A speciation event is taking place.When a cladogram shows a single branch dividing into two distint branches, what is likely happening?
commensalismA symbiotic relationship where one organism gains a home and the other gains nothing (and is not harmed) is:
mutualismA symbiotic relationship where one organism gains food and a second organism gains a home would be classified as:
resource partitioningTwo different species of fish lay eggs in the sandy bottom off of the same beach, but at different times of the year. This is an example of:
A series of steps in which energy is transferred between organisms that are eating or being eaten.Which statement best describes a food chain?
The combined mass of all organisms at each trophic level in an ecosystem.What does a biomass pyramid show?
Algae and plantsWhat types of organisms are usually primary producers?
Many different and completely unrelated animals can live in the same type of enviroment.Aristotle characterized animals according to where they lived. Why is this method problematic?
A Sea Bass and a Rockfish fighting over nesting spaceWhich of the following is an example of interspecific competition?
FALSEWhen you write an organism's scientific name, the�species is capitalized. (T/F)
FALSEResources are almost always plentiful enough where there is little competition for them in the environment. (T/F)
Job or role an organism plays in an ecosystem.What is a niche?
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