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Leading up to Civil War

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Senator Sumnerbeated on floor of senate b/c he is abolitionist. Southerners praise Brooks for beating him. Northerners angry about it.
Ohio Riverdivides North and South. Any land north of here- free of slaves, any land south, slavery is ok
Northwest ordinancedeclares land north of Ohio River free of slaves and land south of Ohio river ok for slaves
Missouri compromiseThere were 11 states free and 11 slave states. Missouri was tie braker. This compromise said that Missouri could ander as slave state only if Maine entered as free state to keep blanace.
sectionalisma strong attachment to your particular way of life (regional interests)
difference between life in North and SouthNorth was mostly cities (urban), factories and mills. South was mostly rural, plantations using slave labor, no factories
Henry Clayknown as "the great compromiser" b/c of his efforts to pass the Missouri Compromise
underground railroadnetwork of secret escape routes and safe houses for runaway slaves
Harriet Tubmana slave turned abolitionist on Underground Railroad. helped slaves escape
Wilmont Provisoa bill banning slavery from any new land acquired. It was blocked in the Senate
popular sovereignityrule by the people - letting the people decide about slavery or not slavery
compromise of 18501)admitted California as free state, 2)divided Southwest into New Mexico & Utah- slavery allowed in both 3)ended slave trade in Washington DC
Fugitive Slaw Lawcreated in the compromise of 1850. required return of escaped slaves to their owners. Made the Northerners v mad
Uncle Tom's CabinBook by H.Beecher stowe about cruelness of slavery. Made north mad
Kansas-Nebraska ActAllowed Kansas and Nebraska slavery issue to be decided by the people. Made North mad b/c didn't outlaw slavery
Republican Partyformed by mad Northerners - angry about fugitive slave act and Kansas/Nebraska act
John Brownled violent anti slavery protests in Kansas. led raid on Harpers Ferry- stole tons of guns and gave to slaves. North sees him as hero, South sees as evil
Dred scott decisionDred Scott and wife lived in Wisconsin, free state. they moved to missouri. Sued saying that living in WI made them free. Court ruled that Scott could not bring lawsuit b/c blacks are NOT citizens! Northerns VERY MAD
1860 electionLincoln elected by less than 40% of voters, mostly people in North. Believes slavery is wrong. South wants to seceed
secessionSouth Carolina leaves union, 6 states follow, form Confederate States. 1861, South States open fire at Fort Sumter
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