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Latin Terms

Latin terms and their translations
a data set by amcole1
created February 9, 2016
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Latin termTranslation
a fortiorifrom stronger
a mensa et thorofrom table and bed
a posteriorifrom later
a priorifrom earlier
a quofrom which
ab extrafrom outside
ab initiofrom the beginning
absque hocwithout this
Actori incumbit probatioOn the plaintiff rests the proving
actus reusguilty act
ad coelumto the sky
ad colligenda bonato collect the goods
ad hocfor this
ad hominemat the person
ad idemto the same thing
ad infinitumto infinity
ad litemfor the case
ad quod damnumaccording to the harm
ad valoremaccording to value
adjournment sine dieadjournment without a day
affidavithe has sworn
alter egoanother I
amicus curiaefriend of the court
animus contrahendicontractual intent
animus nocendiintention to harm
animus possidendiintention to possess
animus revertendiintention to return
(in) arguendofor the sake of argument
Audi alteram partemhear the other side
bona fidein good faith.
bona vacantiaownerless goods
Cadit quaestioThe question falls
Casus belliCase of war
casus fortuitusfortuitous event
CaveatMay he beware
Caveat emptorLet the buyer beware
CertiorariTo be apprised
Ceteris paribusWith other things the same
cogitationis poenam nemo patiturNobody suffers punishment for mere intent
communio bonorumCommunity of property
compensatio moraeBalance of delay
compos mentisHaving command of mind
Condicio sine qua nonA condition without which it could not be
consensus ad idemAgreement to the same
consensus facit legemConsensus makes the law
consuetudo pro lege servaturCustom is held as law
contra bonos moresAgainst good morals
contra legemAgainst the law
Contradictio in adjectoContradiction in itself
contra proferentemAgainst the one bringing forth
coram non judiceBefore one who is not a judge
corpus delictiBody of the crime
corpus jurisBody of law
corpus juris civilisBody of civil law
corpus juris gentiumBody of the law of nations
corpus juris secundum
crimen falsiCrime of falsifying
cui bonoAs a benefit to whom?
cuius est solum eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferosFor whoever owns the soil, it is theirs up to Heaven and down to Hell
de bonis asportatisCarrying goods away
debellatioWarring down
de bonis non administratisOf goods not administered
de die in diemFrom day to day
de factoIn fact
de futuroConcerning the future
de integroConcerning the whole
de jureAccording to law
de lege ferendaOf the law as it should be
de lege lataOf the law as it is
delegatus non potest delegareThat which has been delegated, cannot delegate [further]
de minimisAbout the smallest things
de minimis non curat lexThe law does not concern itself with the smallest [things]
de mortuis nil nisi bonumOf the dead, [speak] nothing unless good
de novoAnew
deorum injuriae diis curaeThe gods take care of injuries to the gods
dictum(thing) said
doli incapaxIncapable of guilt
dolus specialisSpecific deceit
domitae naturaeTame by nature
donatio mortis causaDeathbed gift
dramatis personaePersons of the drama
dubia in meliorem partem interpretari debentDoubtful things should be interpreted in the best way
duces tecumBring with you
ei incumbit probatio qui dicitProof lies on him who asserts.
ejusdem generisOf the same class.
eo nomineBy that name.
erga omnesTowards all.
erratumHaving been made in error.
et al.And others
et ceteraAnd other things.
et seq.And the following things
et uxorAnd wife.
et virAnd husband.
ex aequo et bonoOf equity and [the] good.
ex anteOf before.
ex cathedraFrom the chair
ex concessisFrom what has been conceded already
ex delictoFrom a transgression
ex facieOn the face
ex fida bonaGood business norms
ex gratiaBy favor
ex injuria jus non oriturLaw does not arise from injustice
ex officioFrom the office
ex parteFrom [for] one party
ex postFrom after
ex post factoFrom a thing done afterward
ex post facto law
expressio unius est exclusio alteriusThe express mention of one thing excludes all others
ex proprio motuBy [one's] own motion
ex rel[arising] out of the narration [of the relator]
ex turpi causa non oritur actioFrom a dishonorable cause an action does not arise
exempli gratiaFor the sake of example
ex tuncFrom then
ex nuncFrom now on
facio ut faciasI do, that you may do
favor contractusFavor of the contract
felo de seFelon of himself
ferae naturaeWild animals by nature
fiatLet it be done
Fiat justitia et pereat mundusLet there be justice, though the world perish.
fiat justitia ruat caelumLet justice be done though the heavens fall.
fieri faciasMay you cause to be done
fortis attachiamentum, validior praesumptionemstrong attachment, the stronger presumption
forum non conveniensDisagreeable forum
fructus industrialesIndustrial fruits
fructus naturalesNatural fruits
fumus boni iurisSmoke of a good right
functus officioHaving performed his office
generalia specialibus non derogantThe general does not detract from the specific.
gravamenThings weighing down
guardian ad litemGuardian for the case.
habeas corpusMay you have the body
hostis humani generisEnemy of the human race
i.e.That is
ibid.In the same place
idemThe same
ignorantia juris non excusatIgnorance of the law does not excuse
imprimaturLet it be printed.
in absentiaIn absence
In articulo mortisat the moment of death
in cameraIn the chamber
in curiaIn court
in esseIn existence
in extensoIn the extended
in extremisIn the extreme
in flagrante delictoIn blazing offense
in forma pauperisIn the manner of a pauper
in futuroIn the future
in haec verbaIn these words
in limineAt the threshold
in loco parentisIn the place of a parent
in mitiusIn the milder
in omnibusIn all
in pari delictoIn equal offense
in pari materiaIn the same matter
in personamIn person
in plenoIn full
in prope personaOn one's own person
in propria personaIn one's own proper person
in reIn the matter [of]
in remAbout a thing
in situIn position
in solidumFor the whole
in terroremIn order to frighten
in terrorem clauseClause "in order to frighten"
in totoIn total
infraBelow or under
innuendoBy nodding
inter aliaAmong others
inter arma enim silent legesFor among arms, the laws fall silent
inter rusticosAmong rustics
inter seAmongst themselves
inter vivosBetween the living
intra fauces terraeWithin the jaws of the land
intra legemWithin the law
intra viresWithin the powers
ipse dixitHe himself said it
ipsissima verbaThe very words
ipso factoBy the fact itself
ipso jurethe law itself
iudex non calculatThe judge does not calculate
jura novit curiaThe court knows the law
jurat(He) swears
juris et de jureOf law, and from law
jusLaw, right
jus accrescendiRight of survivorship; right of accrual
jus ad bellumLaws to war
jus civileCivil law
jus cogensCompelling law
jus communeCommon law
jus gentiumLaw of nations
jus in belloLaw in war
jus inter gentesLaw between the peoples
jus naturaleNatural law
jus primae noctisRight of the first night
jus quaesitum tertioRight to third-party relief
jus sanguinisRight of blood
jus soliRight of soil
jus tertiiLaw of the third
lacunaeVoid, gap
leges humanae nascuntur, vivunt, moriunturThe laws of man are born, live, and die
lex commissoria
lex communisCommon law.
lex lataThe law borne
lex lociThe law of the place
lex posterior derogat prioriLater law removes the earlier
lex retro non agitThe law does not operate retroactively
lex scriptaWritten law
lex specialis derogat legi generaliSpecific law takes away from the general law
liberum vetoFree veto
lingua francaThe Frankish language
lis alibi pendensLawsuit elsewhere pending
lis pendensSuit pending
locus delictiPlace of the crime
locus in quoThe place in which
locus poenitentiaePlace of repentance
locus standiPlace of standing
mala fide(In) bad faith
maleficia propositis distinguunturevil acts are distinguished from (evil) purposes/crimes are distinguished by evil intent
malum in seWrong in itself
malum prohibitumProhibited wrong
mandamusWe command
mare clausumClosed sea
mare liberumOpen sea
mens reaGuilty mind
modus operandiManner of operation
mora accipiendiDelay of creditor
mora solvendidelay of debtor
mortis causaIn contemplation of death
mos pro legeCustom for law
motion in limineMotion at the start
mutatis mutandisHaving changed [the things that] needed to be changed
ne exeatLet him not exit [the republic]
ne bis in idemNot twice in the same
negotiorum gestioManagement of estate
nemo auditur propriam turpitudinem allegansno one can be heard, who invokes his own guilt
nemo dat quod non habetno one gives what he does not have
nemo debet esse iudex in propriano one shall be a judge in his own case
nemo judex in sua causano one shall be a judge in his own case
nemo plus iuris ad alium transferre potest quam ipse habetno one can transfer a greater right than he himself has
nihil dicithe says nothing
nisi priusunless first
nolle prosequiNot to prosecute
nolo contendereI do not wish to dispute
non adimpleti contractusOf a non-completed contract
non compos mentisnot in possession of [one's] mind
non constatit is not certain
non est factumIt is not [my] deed
non est inventusHe is not found
non faciat malum, ut inde veniat bonumnot to do evil that good may come
non liquetit is not clear
non obstante verdictonotwithstanding the verdict
novus actus interveniensa new action coming between
noscitur a sociisit is known by friends
nota benenote well
nudum pactumnaked promise
nulla bonano goods
nulla poena sine legeno penalty without a law
nullum crimen, nulla poena sine praevia lege poenalino crime, no punishment without a previous penal law
nunc pro tuncnow for then
obiter dictuma thing said in passing
pacta sunt servandaagreements must be kept
par delictumequal fault
parens patriaeparent of the nation
pari passuon equal footing
pater familiasfather of the family
pendente litewhile the litigation is pending
per capitaby head
per contraby that against
per curiamthrough the court
per incuriamby their neglect
per minasthrough threats
per proxima amiciby or through the next friend
per quodby which
per seby itself
per stirpesby branch
periculum in moradanger in delay
persona non grataunwelcome person
posse comitatuspower of the county
post mortemafter death
post mortem auctorisafter the author's death
praetor peregrinusmagistrate of foreigners
prima facieat first face
prior tempore potior iureearlier in time, stronger in law
prius quam exaudias ne iudicesbefore you hear, do not judge
probatio vincit praesumptionemproof overcomes presumption
pro bonoFor good
pro bono publicoFor the public good
pro formaas a matter of form
pro hac viceFor this turn
pro perAbbreviation of propria persona, meaning "one's own person"
pro ratafrom the rate
pro sefor himself
pro tantofor so much
pro temAbbreviation of pro tempore, meaning "for the time being"
pro temporefor the time being
propria personaproper person
prout patet per recordumas appears in the record
quawhich; as
quareiturit is sought
quantumhow much
quantum meruitas much as it deserves; as much as she or he has earned[3]
quantum valebantas much as they were worth
quasias if
qui facit per alium facit per sewho acts through another, acts himself
qui tamAbbreviation of qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur, meaning "who pursues in this action as much for the king as himself".
quid pro quothis for that
quo anteas before
quo warrantoby what warrant?
quoad hocas to this
quod est necessarium est licitumWhat is necessary is lawful
RRex or Regina
ratio decidendiReason for the decision
ratio scriptawritten reason
rationae soliby reason of the soil
rebus sic stantibusthings thus standing
reddendo singula singulisreferring solely to the last
resthing, matter, issue, affair
res communiscommon to all
res gestaethings done
res ipsa loquiturthe thing speaks for itself
res judicataa matter judged
res nulliusnobody's thing
res publicapublic affair
res publica christianaChristian public affair
respondeat superiorlet the master answer
restitutio in integrumtotal reinstatement
rex non potest peccareThe king can do no wrong
salus populi suprema lex estoThe good of the people shall be the supreme law
scandalum magnatumscandal of the magnates
scire faciaslet them know
scire feciI have made known
se defendendoself-defense
seriatimin series
sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedasuse your property so as not to injure that of your neighbours
sine diewithout day
sine qua nonwithout which, nothing
situsthe place
solutio indebitiperformance of something not due
stare decisisTo stand by [things] decided.
status quo
status quo ante
statu quothe state in which
stratuma covering, from neuter past participle of sternere, to spread
2) Stratum can also be a societial level made up of individuals with similar status of social, cultural or economic nature.
3) Stratum can refer to classification in an organized system along the lines of layers, levels, divisions, or similar grouping.
sua sponteof its own accord
sub judiceunder the judge
sub modosubject to modification
sub nomineunder the name
sub silentiounder silence
subpoenaunder penalty
subpoena ad testificandumUnder penalty to be witnessed
subpoena duces tecumbring with you under penalty
suggestio falsifalse suggestion
sui generisof its own kind/genus
sui jurisof his own right
suo motuof its own motion
supersedeasrefrain from
suppressio verisuppression of the truth
tantum et talethus and such
terra nulliusno one's land
trial de novotrial anew
trinoda necessitasthree-knotted need
uberrima fidesmost abundant faith
ultra posse nemo obligaturno one is obligated (to do) more than he can
ultra viresbeyond the powers
universitas personarumTotality of people
universitas rerumTotality of things
uno flatuin one breath
uti possidetisas you possess
vel nonor not
vetoI forbid.
vice versathe other way around
videlicetContraction of videre licet, meaning "it is permitted to see"
vinculum juristhe chains of the law
vis majorgreater or superior force
viz.Abbreviation of videlicet
volenti non fit injuriainjury is not done to the willing
vigilantibus non dormientibus aequitas subvenitEquity aids the vigilant, not the sleeping
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