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Largest Lakes

Facts about the largest lakes in the world (by surface area).
a data set by Nane
created November 28, 2016
NameType of WaterContinentCountries with ShorelineSurface AreaLengthMaximum DepthWater VolumeImageFacts
Caspian SeaSaltwaterAsia and Europe Kazakhstan, Russia,  Turkmenistan,  Azerbaijan,  Iran168,000 sq mi745 mi3,363 ft18,800 cu miThis is often regarded as the world's largest lake. However, ther is some debate about whether it is truly a lake.
Lake SuperiorFreshwaterNorth America Canada,  United States31,700 sq mi383 mi1,333 ft2,900 cu miThis is popularly considered the largest freshwater lake in the world.
Lake VictoriaFreshwaterAfrica Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania26,590 sq mi200 mi276 ft660 cu miThis is the largest lake by surface area in Africa.
Lake HuronFreshwaterNorth America Canada, United States23,000 sq mi206 mi751 ft850 cu miSome contend that this lake is connected with Lake Michigan, and that the combined lake is the largest freshwater lake in the world.
Lake MichiganFreshwaterNorth America United States22,000 sq mi307 mi922 ft1,200 cu miThis is the largest lake contained entirely within the United States.
Lake TanganyikaFreshwaterAfrica Burundi, Tanzania,  Zambia,  Democratic Republic of the Congo12,600 sq mi420 mi4,820 ft4,500 cu miThis is the longest freshwater lake in the world.
Lake BaikalFreshwaterAsia Russia12,200 sq mi395 mi5,371 ft5,700 cu miThis is the deepest lake in the world and largest freshwater lake in the world if measured by water volume.
Great Bear LakeFreshwaterNorth America Canada12,000 sq mi232 mi1,463 ft536 cu miThis is the largest lake located entirely within Canada
Lake MalawiFreshwaterAfrica Malawi,  Mozambique,  Tanzania11,400 sq mi360 mi2,316 ft2015 cu miThis is one of the African Great Lakes. It is the third largest lake in Africa.
Great Slave LakeFreshwaterNorth America Canada10,000 sq mi300 mi2,014 ft370 cu miThis is the deepest lake in North America.
Lake ErieFreshwaterNorth America Canada, United States9,900 sq mi241 mi210 ft117 cu miThis is one of the American Great Lakes.
Lake WinnipegFreshwaterNorth America Canada9,465 sq mi264 mi118 ft68 cu miThis is the largest lake located entirely within southern Canada.
Lake OntarioFreshwaterNorth America Canada, United States7,320 sq mi193 mi801 ft393 cu miThis is the smallest of the American Great Lakes by surface area.
Lake LadogaFreshwaterAsia Russia7,000 sq mi136 mi750 ft218 cu miThis is the largest lake located entirely in Europe.
Lake BalkhashSaltwaterAsia Kazakhstan6,300 sq mi376 mi85 ft25 cu miThis long, narrow lake is located in a closed basin that does not drain into the ocean.
Lake VostokFreshwaterAntarcticaAntarctica4,800 sq mi160 mi3,000–3,300 ft1,300 ± 380 cu miThis is the largest lake in Antarctica
Lake OnegaFreshwaterEurope Russia3,750 sq mi154 mi390 ft67 cu miThis is the second largest lake in Europe, and has more than 1600 islands.
Lake TiticacaFreshwaterSouth America Peru, Bolivia3,232 sq mi110 mi922 ft214 cu miThis is the largest lake in South America by surface area. It has a surface elevation of over 12,000 ft.
Lake NicaraguaFreshwaterNorth America Nicaragua3,191 sq mi110 mi85 ft26 cu miThis is the largest lake in Central America by surface area.
Lake AthabascaFreshwaterNorth America Canada3,030 sq mi208 mi797 ft49 cu miThis lake is located in the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Lake TaymyrFreshwaterAsia Russia2,700 sq mi160 mi85 ft3.1 cu miThis is the largest lake north of the Arctic Circle.
Lake TurkanaSaltwaterAfrica Ethiopia, Kenya2,473 sq mi154 mi358 ft49 cu miThis is the world's largest permanent desert lake and the world's largest alkaline lake.
Reindeer LakeFreshwaterNorth America Canada2,440 sq mi152 mi1,106 ftThis lake is mostly located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, but a small portion is in the province of Manitoba.
Issyk-KulSaltwaterAsia Kyrgyzstan2,400 sq mi113 mi2,192 ft417 cu miThis lake in Kyrgyzstan is located in a closed basin that does not drain into the ocean.
UrmiaSaltwaterAsia Iran2,317 sq mi81 mi52 ftThis salt lake has shrunk to just 10% of the size that it was in 1984.
VänernFreshwaterEurope Sweden2,141 sq mi87 mi348 ft37 cu miThis is the largest lake in the European Union.
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