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Language Arts 805: Spelling Lesson 1

Spelling Words and Definitions
a data set by Keri
created November 28, 2016
Spelling WordDefinition
abbreviationa shortened form of a word
apostrophea punctuation mark used to mark possession and the missing letters/sounds of contractions
capitalizationthe act of assigning an upper-case letter to a word
dialectalwords pertaining to a different region of the country
hyphena punctuation mark used to divide words, word parts, or numbers
incidentalhappening as a minor result or by chance
inclusivecomprising everything; comprehensive
italicsslanted cursive or type characters
miscellaneousconsisting of diverse things or members
objectiveuninfluenced by emotion; based on the factual
parenthesescurved brackets which enclose written material
pluralcomposed of more than one
possessivea noun or pronoun showing ownership or possession
pre-existentthat which had being before something else
preferencethe act of choosing one thing over another on the basis of likes or dislikes
prefixan inflection or word part attaching to the beginning of a word
president-electone who has been elected president but has not yet taken office
quotation markspunctuation marks which enclose quoted material
quotedpast tense verb meaning to state or write another's words
restaurantan eating establishment
ridiculousfoolish or silly
self-satisfactionto feel smug or happy about one's self or accomplishments
singularcomposed of one
suffixan inflection or word part attaching to the end of a word
syllablea sound unit consisting of a vowel alone or a vowel together with consonants the division of letters in a word roughly corresponding to the syllables in spoken language
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