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IT Career Pathways

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created September 28, 2016
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Information Support and ServicesNetwork SystemsWeb and Digital CommunicationsProgramming and Software Development
Perform computer user support to maintain service.Identify and analyze customer/organizational network system need and requirements to design a network.Identify and analyze customer software needs and requirements to guide programming and software development.
Manage software systems to maintain and update service.Analyze a network system to determine if it meets specifications.Create and use IT-based strategies and project plans when solving specific problems to deliver a product that meets customer specifications.
Utilize hardware design, operation and maintenance knowledge and skills to provide computer user support.Design a network system using technologies, tools and standards to demonstrate a basic understanding of network architecture.Design, develop, and maintain a Web/digital product.Identify and analyze system and software requirements to ensure maximum operating efficiency.
Demonstrate and apply knowledge of Operating System operation and maintenance to perform information support and service tasks.Perform network system installation and configuration to launch a network system.Estimate time-plan for product development.Demonstrate the effective use of tools for software development to develop software applications.
Demonstrate the use of networking concepts to develop a network.Perform network administration and monitoring to maintain a network system.Design and employ the use of motion graphics to create visual Web/digital designs.Design a software application using the software development process to deliver a product to the customer.
Employ knowledge of information system analysis and design to evaluate information systems.Perform network maintenance and user support services to maintain a network system.Analyze client needs to create a formal proposal that meets their requirements.Produce (code) a computer application to demonstrate proficiency in developing an application using the appropriate programming language.
Employ system installation and maintenance skills when setting-up and maintaining an information system to demonstrate application of fundamental system knowledge.Use tools for production, development, and project management to complete web/digital communication projects.Implement software testing procedures and quality assurance tasks to ensure quality products.
Employ system administration and control skills to monitor an information system.Create and implement a test plan to evaluate functionality.Perform customer support functions to maintain software applications.
Employ technical writing and documentation skills to keep records necessary for an information systemPerform support functions to keep site current and maintain availability.Develop and maintain a database to store information.
Identify and implement quality assurance processes to maximize information system operation.Consider intellectual property, copyright, trademark, and other legal issues when creating Web pages.
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