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Islam Test Study Guide

Practice these vocab words so you can do well on your test! (Sorry if there are spelling errors, and BTW I did not capitalize "Muslim" and it should be capital [this appears in a couple of places].)
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created November 9, 2016
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Vocab WordDefinition
Oasisa place where water can be found in the desert
Nomadis someone who travels around (often for food or water) and does not live in one place
Pilgrimagea journey to a holy site
Koran (Qu'ran)the holy book of the religion of Islam
Monotheisma belief in a single god - when you only believe in one god
Islamthe religious faith of muslims
Allah God
Muslima follower of the Islamic faith
Mosquea place where people go to pray
Caravana group of people traveling together for mutual protection (often with a pack of animals - such as camels)
Calipha title taken my muslim rulers who claimed authority to rule
Muezzinthe person who calls muslims to prayer
Minaerttall towers - where the muezzin calls to muslims that it is time to pray
Ka'baa large cube-shaped shrine in the court yard of the great mosque in Mecca
Meccathe largest city in Islam - where Muhammed was born - currently Saudi Arabia
Muhammada man born in about 570 CE who thaught the faith of Islam - known for bring the messanger of Allah and creator of the Koran
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