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Indian Holidays

Learn about some of the commonly celebrated holidays in India.
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HolidayDateReasonAssociated TraditionsPeople CelebratingAssociated SymbolsImage of Associated Symbol(s)
Indian Republic Day26-JanCelebrates the adoption of the 1950 Indian Constitution.Parades, Military ceremony known as the Beating Retreat, Air showThe India Gate, Indian flag, Ashoka Wheel
ThaipusamThe day of the full moon in the month of Thai (January/February)Celebrated by Tamil communities in honor of Murugan, the god of war.Offerings, entering a trance-state while the body or face is pierced and carry burdens called kavadis.Murugan's spear, milk pots, kavadi
HoliThe day after the full moon in the month of Phalguna (early March)Celebration of the arrival of spring. Also called the Festival of Colors.Dancing in the streets while throwing water and dyed powders.Colorful powder, Om sign, bonfires
Rama NavamiThe ninth day of Chaitra (April/March)Celebrates the birthday of Lord Rama.Fasting, Rama puja (worship), chariot processionsRama, bow and arrow, coconut
Independence Day15-AugCelebrates India's independence from the British in August of 1947.Parades and Pageants, singing the national anthem, flag hoistingIndian flag, Hand/Fist, Ashoka Wheel
Krishna JanmashtamiThe eighth day of (August/September)Celebrates the birthday of Lord Krishna.Teams of men forming human pyramids to reach and open clay pots filled with curd that have been strung up from buildings.Krishna, yogurt pot, peacock feather, sweets, flute
Ganesh ChaturthiTen days in the month of Baadrapada, beginning on the fourth day of the waxing moon (August or September)Celebration of the god Ganesha.Statues of Ganesha put in homes at the beginning of the festival. At the end of the festival, the statues are paraded through the streets and then submerged in a body of water.Ganesha, modaka (sweets offered to Ganesha)
NavratriThe first 9 days of the month of Ashwin (Late September or Early October)Nine days of celebration of the female divine.Visiting family, worship of Durga, Lakshmi, and Sarasvati, precession with the image of Durga, plate decorating, fastingDurga, garba dancers, conch shells
DussehraThe tenth day of the month of Ashwin (Late September or Early October)This day celebrates the triumph of good over evil. This triumph belongs to both Rama in his triumph over Ravana and Durga in her triumph over Mahishasura.Submersion of Durga idols, plays depicting the life of Rama, burning of Ravana effigiesDurga, Rama shooting Ravana with an arrow, Ravana's ten heads
Gandhi Jayanthi2-OctCelebrate the life of Mahatma Gandhi, the unofficial "Father of the Nation."Prayer services, Gathering at Raj Ghat (the Gandhi memorial in New Delhi)Spinning wheel, Indian flag, Gandhi's image
Diwali/DeepavaliThe final day of the Vikram calendar (October)Celebration of the victory of good and light. Lakshmi is honored by this festival. Known as the Festival of Lights.Burning ghee lanterns, putting up lights, fireworks.Lamps, swastika, Om sign
Pushkar Camel FairTwo weeks around the Kartik Purnimal full moon (usually around November)A festival of camel and livestock trading in Rajasthan.Camel races, polo, competitions.Camels, tents
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