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Human Geography Industry and Urbanization

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created November 30, 2016
TermDefinitionExtra informationMore information
Industrial RevolutionCreated a growth in cities
CensusHow we know how many people live in certain areas
3 major centers of industryNorth America, Europe, and East Asia
Consumer serviceMost people in the U.S. have jobs in this service
Types of ServiceConsumerBusinessPublic
Urban realmsexplains the multiple suburbs in many cities
Multiple Nuclei ModelThere is more than one center around which activities revolve
Sector ModelSections of cities grow outward from the center like wedgesTransportation systems cause this kind of growth
Concentric Modela city grows outward from the center, like growth rings of a tree
Central Business DistrictDowntown area
Primate city ruleA country's largest city will be way larger than any other cityUsually there is only one large city in this rule
Rank-Size ruleA country's second largest city will be about 1/2 the size of the largest cityUsually there are several large cities in a country with this rule
HinterlandThe area surrounding a service
ThresholdThe minimum number of people needed to support a good or service
RangeThe maximum distance a customer will travel for a good or service
Central Place TheoryExplains the pattern of where businesses and services are locatedHexagons
Problems of MegacitiesOvercrowdingPoor sanitationInadequate housing
Urban became more than Rural2010
Weber's Least Cost modelLabor Cost, Agglomeration, and Transportation are important in considering where to locate business and industry
Bulk-GainingWhen products gain weight after productionSoda bottles
Bulk -ReducingWhen products lose weight after productionCopper wires
Hotelling ModelWhen businesses locate close to each other to remain competitive
MumbaiProjected to be the largest city by 2050
GentrificationMaking improvements on a lower income neighborhood
Steel ProductionChina is the biggest producer today
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