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History Vocab

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Great Plainsflat, dry land spread across 10 different statepeople moved here
Homestead Actencouraged western migraton by giving settlers 160 acres of landhuge migration to the west
Assimilationwhen a person or group get a different characteristics from a groupeffected our culture in many ways
Dawes Actlet president divide indian trible land and give it to individual indianstrying to "civilize" Native americans
Assimilationencouraged western migraton by giving settlers 160 acres of landhuge migration to the west
Sand Creekwhere a massacre where mainly women/ children were killedU.S. was going against their own "war rules"
Wounded Kneewhite soliders killed any native american they sawbrought indian wars to an end
Ghost Dance Movementan "answer" to the killing of native americans by white settlersIndians were starting to stand up for themselves
Transcontinental railroadconnected eastern railroad network to the Pacific coast now shipping items would be easier
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange)Union Farmers formed when they got into a lot of debt.Very first farmers Union.
GreenbacksWhat money was called.Inflation
Bimetallismsystem in which the government gave citizens gold or silver in exchange for money. It leveled out the economy.
ExodustersAfrican Americans who moved from post-reconstruction South to Kansas.Jim crow are driving people out
Robber BaronsPeople who were involved in untehical and practices and monopoliesWorkers start getting treated badly.
TrustsMonopoliesMonoplies have a lot of power.
Andrew CarnegieSteel monopoly. Steel prices were low.Bought out other businesses.
John D. RockefellerStandard oil Monopoly.Raised oil prices.
Sherman Antitrust ActMonopolies not ok any more and the government will investigate and pursue them.Monopolies come to an end
Social Darwinism"The best survive" was the Justification for the wealthyOnly the wealth/stronger one could survive.
Collective bargaining
International Workers of the WorldWorkers that are unionize to revolt. (fight not talk)Sherman anti-trust act: meaning need more competition.
Knights of LaborAn organization for unskill or skilled workers to workcollaspe during riot in Chicago (AFL)
American Federation of LaborA union for skilled workers onlybecomes a powerful labor union
StrikesWorkers unionize to go against business. (violent)President Cleveland sent army to stop strike= upset citizen
Pullman StrikesA strike on pullman railroadPresident Cleveland sent army to stop strike= upset citizen
PopulismRegular people that have control in the governmentPeople want to take over the government
People move US. for freedom and to achieve the "American dream"Poor living condition, low payment jobs and young people
ImmigrationImmigrants coming all the way from europe for new jobs
Ellis Island Island in NY where immigrants from europle would enter the USwould determine if they could come to america or not
Angel IslandImmigrant center in San Francisco from immigrants coming from AsiaWould determine if they could get into the country or not
Chinese Exclusion ActStopped Chinese Immigration
NativismProtecting the intrests of Americans & dissaproving of immagrantsHypocritical and imagrants treated unfairly
Big Business
Gilded Age Leisure
Literacy testA test to see if someone was able to read and writeStop blacks from voting
Poll TaxA tax paid in order to voteStop blacks from voting
Grandfather clauseWould exempt certain people from the requirements of legistlation affecting their previous rightsWould lose rights
Jim Crow lawsLaws that made segregation and racism legalGive less rights to the blacks
segregationSeparating whites from blacks in the comunity & in establishmentsGive less rights to the blacks
Booker T. WashingtonAmerican Educator and dominant leader in Colored communityHelps give colored the rights they deserve
WEB Du BoisCo founder of NAACP and a civil rights activist for the coloredHelps give colored the rights they deserve
Plessy v. FergusonCourt case which determined seperate but equal was constitutionalSeperate but equal was not the case. The whites still had better condtions then the colored
Susan B. AnthonyWomens rights activist and played a big role in womens suffrage.Was on their way for women to getting rights as well
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