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Great PlainsThe grassland extending west-central portion of the united statesIndians fought the americans on the great plains
Homestead Actgave 160 acres of land to those who are willing to move westmany people farmed and provided food in the west
Assimilationminority groups adoption of the beliefs to a dominantculturedifferent cultures didnt change their culture
Dawes Acta law in 1887 intended to americanize peopledifferent cultures didnt change their culture
Sand CreekGeneral curtis surronded and shot 150 indiansled to the bozeman trail
Wounded Kneeend of the indian war, soliders shot 300 indiansend of indian war
Ghost Dance Movementdance that would help restore animals and peoplenothing happened
Transcontinental railroadBoth railroads met together to create one giant oneconnected east and west, goods easily transported
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange) An educational and social platform for farmers, later fights railroads gave farmers some common needs
Greenbacksmoney printed in mass quantities made with paper eventually lost most of its value
BimetallismThe value of money includes two metals, gold and silver gold is worth more than silver, but both are valuable
ExodustersFreed African Americans from the south Move became sharecroppers
Robber Baronsbusinessman who practiced monopolistic practices took over others businesses and became wealthy
Trustsstructure that gives control over several business firms-monopolypurpose was to monopolist a certain industry
Andrew Carnegieexpanded the steel industry produced steel fast and well made
John D. Rockefellerfounded the standard oil industry could produce large amounts of standard oil
Sherman Antitrust Actpreserves competition and gets rid of trust/monopoliesone business can't raise prices super high
Social Darwinismonly the richest should "survive"/they are more important to societyfurther seperated the upper and lower classes/ immigrants
Collective bargainingnegotiation of wages & other conditions of employment by a groupthis is how unions got higher wages from employers
International Workers of the World43 groups came together to try and overthrow the employing classhelped the movement to improve worker conditions
Knights of Labora labor union that accepted all kinds of workersgained many people and had some successful strikes
American Federation of Labora large labor union that would only accept skilled workersexcluded unskilled workers but was still influential
Strikesa group of workers refusing to work usually to get higher wagesmany strikes due to poor factory condtions
Pullman Strikesnationwide railroad strike that resulted in the gov interveningfirst strike the goverment got involved with
Populismpower should come from regular people instead of wealthy elitelower class sick of upper class controlling governement
Immigrationpeople moving to a new place to livelarge influx of immigrants into the US, 1800's & 1900's
"New Immigrants"came from southern & eastern europe, late 1800's & early 1900'sbrought lots of labor for big industrial cities & businesses
Ellis IslandNew York, immigrants went through to get permitted into Americamany immigrants came through ellis island, very famous
Angel IslandSan Fran's "Ellis Island", immigrants would be granted into Americaimmigrants came through & settled in San Fran, big city
Chinese Exclusion Actdidn't allow any more Chinese to come into Americamost significant restriction of immigration in the US
Nativismprotecting the interests of the native-bornimmigrants were treated poorly, lived in bad conditions
Urbanismlifestyle of city dwellerslarge cities were cramped, bad living conditions
Big Businesslarge-scale commercial businesses monopolies, bad working condidtions
Gilded Age Leisuremusic, sports, theater, parks, freakshowscreated football and baseball
Literacy testyou needed to pass this test in order to vote most african americans couldnt read so they couldnt vote
Poll Taxmoney was needed to vote most african americans were unemployed
Grandfather clauseseries of tests to make it hard for african americans to votemade it very hard for african ameicans to vote
Jim Crow lawslaws that targeted african american people living in the southit affected the lives of african americans
segregationseperation of races it made life hard bc the diffrent areas werent equal
Booker T. Washingtonbelieved that african americans should have educationafrican americans were mostly uneducated
WEB Du Boisafrican american civil rights activist he made a big impact on the lives of african americans
Plessy v. Fergusonit declared that segragation was legal started the "seperate but equal" saying
Susan B. Anthonywomans rights activst important for woman rights
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