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Hindu Deities

A grouping of major Hindu deities.
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ImageNameTypeDescriptionPrimary TraditionVehicle/VahanaHolds in his/her hands:Distinguishing CharacteristicsFestival(s)Consort/Spouse
BrahmagodCreatorNon-sectarian, worshiped as part of the TrimurtiSwanVedas, rosary beads, ladle, water potFour heads and four arms. Often depicted as red-skinned.Pushkar FairSarasvati
SarasvatigoddessGoddess of knowledge, music, and the artsShaktismPeacock or SwanBook, rosary, water pot, musical instrumentBeautiful woman dressed in white with two to four armsVasant PanchamiBrahma
VishnugodPreserver and Protector godVaishnavismGaruda- Humanoid BirdLotus flower, mace, conch shell, discusBlue complexion and four arms HoliLakshmi
LakshmigoddessGoddess of spiritual and material wealth and prosperityShaktismOwlTwo lotus flowers, coins, one hand held upOften depicted holding or sitting on a lotus, sometimes with elephants nearby. Four arms and red and gold clothing.Diwali and Sharad PurnimaVishnu
ShivagodDestroyer and creator god, god of yoga and meditation. Also, Lord of Dance (Nataraja).ShaivismNandi- BullTrident, drum, Om symbol, resting in meditationThird eye, serpent around his neck, the river Ganga flows from his hair. Sometimes covered in ashes like an ascetic. Blue throat.Maha Shivaratri, Bhairava AshtamiParvati
ParvatigoddessMother Shaktism and ShaivismLionConch shell, crown, mirror, rosary, bell, dish, sugarcane stalk, or flower.Red clothing, often depicted holding her son Ganesha.Teej, Gauri Habba, NavratriShiva
GaneshagodGod of new beginnings, remover of obstaclesNon-sectarianMouseBroken tusk, sweet, axe, nooseHuman body and elephant head.Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh JayantiRiddhi and Siddhi
MurugangodWar godKaumaramPeacockSpear, mace, discus, bowSometimes depicted with six heads, and twelve arms. Skanda Shasti, ThaipusamDevasena and Valli
Durga/DevigoddessWarrior goddess, fierce form of the MotherShaktismTigerChakra, conch shell, bow, arrow, sword, javelin, shield, noose, sometimes a writing implementBetween eight and eighteen arms, each holding a weapon. Often shown in the midst of battle with the buffalo demon. Despite her warlike posture, her face remains calm.Navaratri, Durga Puja, DashainShiva
KaligoddessGoddess of time, power, destruction and deathShaktismDonkey or TigerSword, severed head, bowl, tridentBlue or black-skinned, usually depicted with a lolling tongue, a necklace of heads and skirt of arms, dancing on her consort. Between four and eighteen arms.Kali PujaShiva
RamaAvatarIncarnation of VishnuVaishnavismn/aBow and arrowsYouthful, blue-skinned, wearing a yellow robe.Rama Navami, Deepavali, DussehraSita
KrishnaAvatarIncarnation of VishnuVaishnavismn/aFluteBlue or black-skinned, wearing a peacock feather in his hair and playing a flute. Often accompanied by cows or shown as a small boy stealing ghee.Krishna Janmashtami, HoliRadha
HanumandemigodMonkey like figure who aids RamaVaishnavismn/aMaceUsually depicted as a man with a monkey-like face.Hanuman JayantiEither celibate or has many wives
SuryagodSun godSuryaism/Saurism and SmartismChariot pulled by seven horsesLotus flowers or conch shell, lotus flower, mace, hand raised in blessingA shining figure, often flanked by two dawn goddesses.Thai Pongal, Makar SankrantiSamjna and Chhaya
AgnigodFire and protection godNon-sectarianRamFan, ladle, axe, flaming torchBlack-skinned, with two heads and four arms, surrounded by or creating flames.Involved in the rituals of Holi and DiwaliSvaha
IndragodOriginally a king of the gods, in modern times a storm godNon-sectarianWhite ElephantThunderbolt, elephant goad, axeDepicted riding a white elephant, sometimes with a rainbow surrounding him.Inder PujaIndrani
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