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Guilded Age Concentration

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Great PlainsA mass stretch of Plains in the middle of the USGave people lots of room and land to farm
Homestead Act160 acres given to anyone who would take care of it for 5 years.Gave farmers toms of free land
AssimilationA groups physical and cultureal and phycological characteristicsCreated groups of people based on where they were from
Dawes ActAllowed the president to make reservations for native americans
AssimilationA groups physical and cultureal and phycological characteristics
Sand CreekConflict between settlers and natives, ended with killing even after the natives surrendered
Wounded KneeMassacre that occured on a Lakota reservation, 150 were killed
Ghost Dance MovementMeant to purge the teaching of "the white man" and restore the natives land
Transcontinental railroadA train route across the United States.Made it easy to transport goods further
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange)Farmers working togeather against the railroad and to get out of debt
GreenbacksPaper money that caused inflation then defation putting
BimetallismThe idea of using two metals for currency
ExodustersA name given to African Americans who migrated to Kansas
Robber Baronsa term for a business man who had monopolistic practices
TrustsMonopolies run by wealthy business men
Andrew CarnegieIndustrialist who led to the expansion of the steel industry
John D. RockefellerIncorporated the Standard Oil Company
Sherman Antitrust ActLimits cartels and monopolies
Social DarwinismThe belief that only the strongest humans will live and reproduce
Collective bargainingTrying to get better wages and ours as a group of employees
International Workers of the WorldA violent union that sparked many strikes
Knights of LaborA union anyone could join
American Federation of LaborA union you had to be skilled to join
StrikesMass workers taht sropped working till their demands were met.
Pullman StrikesA nationwide railroad strike caused by a 50% cut in wagePresident Cleveland sent an army out end strike
PopulismThe belief that anyone should be anle to have power in gonverment
ImmigrationThe action of coming to live permanently in a foreign countrty
"New Immigrants"The large 2nd wave of immigrants from western countries
Ellis IslandThe immigration center in NY
Angel IslandThe immigration center in San Francisco
Chinese Exclusion ActAn act passed to stop immigration from China
NativismThe belief that a group that is native to land, then they are superior
UrbanismPeople beginning to make urban areas
Big BusinessRan by wealthy owners and could buy out it's competition
Gilded Age LeisureSports, music, and parks to go to.
Literacy testA reading test given to stop black people from being able to vote.
Poll TaxA tax that is paid at voting to refrain African Americans from voting
Grandfather clauseThe taking away of rights from certain groups. Ex. Jim Crow
Jim Crow lawslegal segregation laws
segregationThe seperation of people based on race.
Booker T. WashingtonFounder of the NNBC and key proponent of African-american businesses
WEB Du BoisWas an American civil rights activist, leader, and Pan-Africanist
Plessy v. FergusonA man who has little black in him was arrested for sitting w/ whites.
Susan B. AnthonyFamous suffragate that liked the idea of women in the workforce
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