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Gilded Age Vocabulary

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Great Plainsthe vast amounts of land that farmers flaculed to a lot more people went westward and had new jobs
Homestead Actif you farmed 160 acres for 5 years the land became yoursif you made it the 5 years you were very successful
Assimilationtrying to bring non whites into their culture a lot of indians were brought into white culture
Dawes Actto survey American Indian tribal land and divide it into allotments for individual Indians.a lot of tribes got smaller
Sand Creek a large indain massicurea lot of loss for the indians and they started making schools for them
Wounded KneeAnother big indian massacre took place in south dakotafurther dehumnanized natives
Ghost Dance MovementIt was an attempt to revitalize traditional cultureindians were standing up for crimes against them
Transcontinental railroadrailroad linking the atlantic and pacific coasts of the United StatesEasier and faster way to move and get places
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange)farmers sent lectures educating towns on agriculture & rural issueshelped towns understand agriculture
Greenbacksprinting money was too common, and had to get rid of inflation helping the farmers and getting rid of money inflation
Bimetallismusing currency on gold and silver to inflate the money supplyAn easier way for everyone to pay for things
ExodustersAfrican American who migrated from south to Kansas in post-reconstructionhelped african americans get jobs
Robber Baronsamerican capitalist who acquired a fortune in late nineteenth-century by ruthless means.showed others that anything is possible if you try
Trustsa term for businesses with significant market power, monopolies raised prices due to lack of a competitive market
Andrew Carnegieinventor who led to expantion of the american steel industry steel was rare so it was now being made faster
John D. Rockefellerinventor of the american oil industryoil was needed and so now they were finding it faster
Sherman Antitrust Actmade uncompetitive business practices unlawfulprevented manopolies from taking over production
Social Darwinismincorrectly applying biological evolution to society and politics a classist system unwilling to help unfortunate people
Collective bargainingnegotiations of conditions of emplyment by worker unionslarge scale protests that eventually lead to reform
International Workers of the Worldan international labor union founded in Chicago i 1905aided in orginization of workers revolt
Knights of Labora secret union created to assist in gaining and maintaining rightshelped to make protesting possible for many
American Federation of Labornational group of labor unions founded in ohio created a more unified front to back up needy workers
Strikesrefusal to work in protest of poor working conditions forced business owners to pay attention to the issue
Pullman Strikesntionwide railroad strike that aided in getting workers rights made large conflicts between businesses and workers
Populismpolitical movement invested in agricultural workers' conditionsgained huge following in politics and helped farmers
ImmigrationThe action to live permenantly in a foreign country.Increased US population immensely.
"New Immigrants"Immigrants from southern and european countries.Harder culutre change for the immigrants.
Ellis IslandThe gateway for over 12 million immigrants to the United States.Where many immigrants were shipped through
Angel IslandA station where immigrants were detained and interrogated Unneccesary interigation for new immigrants
Chinese Exclusion ActA U.S. law prohibiting immigration from ChinaBlocked all Chinese immigrants
NativismThe policy of protecting natvie-born against those of immigrants.Caused segregation of culture of immigrants and Natives.
UrbanismThe lifestyle of city dwellers.Caused Urbanization for immigrants.
Big BusinessLarge-scale corporate-controlled financial or business activties.Corruption and Corporates were created.
Gilded Age Leisurethe US population grew quickly and corruption misdealings.Problems were created for immigrants.
Literacy testTests used to deny sufferage for African Americans.Caused Racial discrimination and segregation.
poll taxAn annual tax that formerly had to be paid in some southern statesadversely affected poor citizens
Grandfather clauseA provision that exempts certain people from a lawprevent poor African American slaves from voting
Jim Crow lawslaws enforcing racial segregation in the Southern United States.many african americans were affected in unpleasnt ways
segregationThe separation of people on the basis of their race.caused violence between races
Booker T. Washingtonpreached a philosophy of selfhelp, racial solidarity, accommodation.made a lasting impression on education
WEB Du Bois advocated political action and a civil rights agenda. a unique trendsetter. leading african scholar
Plessy v. Ferguson"seperate but equal"discrimination againsts african americans
Susan B. AnthonyAn American social reformer and women's rights activist lead the national american womens suffrage
Ida B. WellsAn African-American an early leader in the Civil Rights Movement.helped with the struggle for equal rights
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