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Gilded Age Vocab Review

A review game for the gilded age...to remember your vocab.
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created December 16, 2016
Great PlainsThe great plains are the states where people went to farm like NEA lot of poor farmers couldn't support themselves
Homestead Actprovided people with land if the farmed it for at least 5 yearseverybody could get free land
Assimilationadapting and changing to the culture around youthey had to change who they were
Dawes Actallowed the president to change the land native americans lived onA lot of native americans had to move from their homes
Assimilationadapting and changing to the culture around youthey had to change who they were
Sand Creeka massacre of the cheyenne and the Arapahoit caused the death of a lot a cheyenne indians
Wounded Kneea massacre of the lakota at the wounded knee creek 150 native americans were killed
Ghost Dance Movementan answer that the native americans came up with for an answer for their subjegation it is a new religious belief that is added to native culture
Transcontinental railroada rail road that connected eastern U.S.Adrove gold & silver from coast-to-coast railroad connection.
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange)was an organized ograrian economic movement among farmer in U.Sended the effect of crop-lien system
Greenbacksa dollar bill.paper money issued in 1861-62 civil war
Bimetallismmonetary unit; certain quantity of gold and certain quantity of silver.made gold and silver coin as legal tender unlimited amounts
ExodustersAfrican Americans who migrated from states along the Mississippi Riverthis was the first group of free afro american to migrate
Robber Baronsa powerful businessman.he monopoliozed the railroads
Trustswhen a property is held by one party for the benefit of another.benefits on land
Andrew Carnegiescottish american who led the expansion of the american steel industryhelped steel become predominant material in U.S
John D. Rockefellerhe was an american oil business magnate and philantropist.Started one of the first monopolies on oil
Sherman Antitrust Act1st law to limit monopolies in US, create fairer competition in workforceBroke up trusts, created competition in business
Social DarwinismBelief that only fittest survive in human political/economic struggleShock wave through Western world
Collective bargainingNegotiation between an employer and trade unionResulted in compromise for wages, hours, working conditions
International Workers of the WorldUnion aimed to unite American working class to promote labor interestsTried violent ways to get workers rights
Knights of Labor1st nationwide labor organization (1869) to protect worker rightsHugely impactful, resulted in changes to work conditions
American Federation of LaborUnion of skilled workers focused on collective bargaining to reach goalsGained collective bargaining powers to fight for worker rights
StrikesGroup refuse to work, buy product, etc. to achieve a goal(almost) forced businesses to aggree to terms of workers
Pullman StrikesPullman cut wages/ keep rent same, Debs had ARU go on strikeDebs was sued & thrown in jail, strike achieved nothing
PopulismBelief in power of commoners to control gov't, not wealthy elite17th Amendment, progressive income tax, direct democracy
ImmigrationThe act of moving permanently to a new countryBrought new citizens to the U.S.
"New Immigrants"A nation of immigrantsProved nativism bias wrong
Ellis IslandGateway for over 12 million immigrants entering the U.S.(east Coast)Allowed U.S. people to see if immigrants could enter
Angel IslandWest Coast gateway for immigrants entering the U.S.Chackpoint for(mostly Chinese) immigrants into U.S.
Chinese Exclusion ActProhibited immigration of chinese laborers to the U.S.Prohibited a specific ethnicity from entering the U.S.
NativismProtection of the interests of native born people vs. immigrantsGave americans a reason to dislike immigrants
UrbanismLifestyle of urban areas (people who lived in cities)Helped the transition of the industrial revolution
Big BusinessLarge scale or important financial activity Business owners installed unfair working conditions
Gilded Age LeisureCommercial entertainment, usually stage actsactivities (generally) only higher ups in society attended
Literacy testA test to determine wether you are allowed to be a citizen or notThey made it near impossible for natives to qualify
Poll TaxA fee you must pay to be able to voteMade it near impossible for poor people to have a say
Grandfather clausepermitted whites to vote while disfranchising blacksAllowed white voters to avoid literacy tests & poll tax
Jim Crow lawsThe act of segregating blacks in the U.S.It kept segregation a thing after it was supposed to end
segregationThe act of seperating different groups in a communityIt kept the blacks under the whites social class
Booker T. WashingtonAn African American man who became a teacher to help kids like himHe helped train African Americans in agricultural ways
WEB Du BoisA member of the NAACP, was an American civil rights activistHe helped the NAACP, which helped African Americans
Plessy v. FergusonA court case determining if states can allow racial segregationIt made it possible for the whites to mistreat immigrants
Susan B. AnthonyA woman who supported woman's suffrageBrought mass attention to woman's suffrage
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