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Gilded Age Vocab

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created December 16, 2016
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Great Plainshad abundant of natural resources and where indians livedU.S government took over most of the land
Homestead Actprovided settlers 160 acres of landencouraged westward migration
AssimilationIndians began to adapt american cultureMany Indians forgot their culture
Dawes Actgave land to Indians on reservationslost a lot of their land
Sand CreekU.S attacked the Cheyennebecame known as a massacre
Wounded Kneebattle between U.S troops and the Souixmassacre that keft 150 Natives dead
Ghost Dance MovementIndian religious movementHoped it would end the fued between them and whites
Transcontinental railroadtrain tracks that covered a large amount of landmade to go to fast growing population of california
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange)Orginaization to help the social and economical needs of farmersFarmers were able to negotiate better deals
GreenbacksThe Greenbacks were the paper currency, it had no gold or silver in itLed to inflation(value of doller drops)
BimetallismThe use of both gold and silver as moneybettered problems with inflation
ExodustersAfrican Americans who migrated from states by the Mississippi RiverMore blacks move west and create farms
Robber BaronsBusiness men who used monopolys and politcal power to get richWith monopolies killed competion in busniess
TrustsA large business with significant market powerCompanies sought to eliminate competition
Andrew CarnegieA immigrant to the U.S who made millions in the steel industryCreated a business style many bg busniesses followed
John D. RockefellerBuilt the first oil refinery By the 1880s he controlled 90% U.S. refineries and pipelines
Sherman Antitrust ActProtected consumers from trusts and preserve competitionCompetition remains, and we get lower prices
Social Darwinismbelief one earned what one had, and it shouldnt be taken from themPeople accepted the idea of super wealthy
Collective bargainingA large group negotiating towards an agreement (usually for labor)Groups were able to get better working conditions
International Workers of the WorldA labor union open to anyone who wanted to joinThey could get better working conditions
Knights of LaborA labor union open to anyone who wanted to joinThey could get better working conditions
American Federation of LaborA more exclusive labor union for skilled workersThey could get better working conditions
Strikesrefusal to work used as a bargaining toolGroups were able to get better working conditions
Pullman StrikesStrikes against the Pullman Co. ended when the military was called inthe military was called in, and they killed people
PopulismA political movement appealing to the average joeIt did work, and some of their ideas are still in effect
Immigrationthe act of a person moving from one country to anotherThe us saw a large spike in immigrants, thanks to it's jobs
"New Immigrants"A massive influx of Europeans came to the U.S. seeking workworked in factories, and ussualy got "walked all over"
Ellis IslandIt was the prime immigration station of the countryMany immigrants, immigrated and made new lives
Angel Islandimmigration station where immigrates were detainted and interrograted Immagrants from Asia came here to enter America
Chinese Exclusion Actlaw that President Chester A,prohibiting immigration of chinese laborers no more chinese immagrants, less immagrants from Asia
Nativismestablished inhabitants against those of immigrants Whites felt illwilled towrds immagrants
Urbanismit is the life style of city dwellers More people moving from farming(rural)to cities(urban)
Big Businessimportant financial Controlled large protions of their market, and the prices
Gilded Age Leisureplays, marshall feilds, amusment parks, opera..etc. Growth of large corporations, greater income
Literacy testA test that unfair to blacks that couldn't read, didn't let them votemany former slave blacks couldn't vote
Poll TaxTax money(to vote) that discouraged blacks from votingpoor black men couldn't afford to vote
Grandfather clauseIs when a provision of a old rule applys to some exsiting situations rules unfairly treating black mens right to vote
Jim Crow lawsSouthern states laws restricting certain things against blacksLaws that kept blacks on the bottem of society
segregationseperating two groups of people(keeping seperate)whites/blacksKept blacks and white seperating from one another
Booker T. Washingtoncivil rights activist, american educator and black community leaderBlack community leader that fought for black rights
WEB Du BoisBlack man that protested racism and supported pan-aricanisminfluened more black organizations and black rights
Plessy v. Fergusonsupreme crt case, not detroying 2 races but seperating them "fairly"Let southern states make more unfair state laws
Susan B. Anthonycivil rights activist, womens rights as well as womens labor orgs.influenced more womens rights activist
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