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Gilded Age

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Great Plainsflat stretch of land in between mississippi river and rocky mtns.used for farming
Homestead Actgranted people 160 acres of land if they moved westcaused westward expansion
Assimilationimmigrants and natives being converted to US cultureattempted to get rid of diversity
Dawes Actit allowed the gov to split up the natives landmake it easyer to destroy native culture
Assimilationminority group- adoption of the dominant culture and way of lifeNat. Amer. & immigrants- forced to adopt amer. way of life
Sand Creekit massacre of the natives the killed manyit caused even more unrest between setllers and nats.
Wounded Kneea massacre that left 150 nats. dead and 25 solders diedit ended any more rebellion from the souix
Ghost Dance Movementa group of pacifists that belived an apocalypse would happenit caused the deaths of many
Transcontinental railroadrailroad line linking Atlantic and Pacific coasts (1869)faster travel and moving from coast to coast
Farmer's Alliance (The Grange)groups of farmers- sent lecturers places to talk about rural issuespeople were more educated on rural issues farmers face
Greenbacksa type of money not backed by goldthey caused massive inflation
Bimetallismallowed currency to be 2 metals with a specific ratioit would make money represent more
ExodustersAfrican Amer. coming from south to Kansas in Post-Reconstruction yearspaved the way for other Arfican Amer. freed from slavery
Robber Baronssomeone who used dirty ways to get rich quickthey reinforced the idea of industrialization
Trustsa trust is when two comapnys mergeit caused a large manopoly to happen
Andrew CarnegieBessemer process -Carnegie Steel Co.- stronger, lighter, cheaper steelhe represented the American Dream (immigrant)
John D. Rockefellerstandard oil co.- bought out competig companieshe sold over 90% of the oil in the U.S.
Sherman Antitrust Actmade a law that competition needed to exitit got rid of many of the existing monoplies
Social Darwinismphilosophy- system that ensured the survival of the fittestthe big businessmen would survive- poor people, not
Collective bargainingnegotiation of wages and work factors by body of employeesbig companies couldn't treat eployees so poorly
International Workers of the Worldwas a laor union, helped people with employmentcompanies couldn't pay so cheap or have long hours
Knights of Laborlarge american labor organization during 1880swent against big companies
American Federation of Laborlabor union- worker in it banded together to foght big businesspeople were able to convince employers to listen to them
Strikesa work stoppage intended to force an employer to listen to demandspeople were able to convince employers to listen to them
Pullman Strikeswas a nationwide strike from railroad companiesled to better working conditions
Populismmovement, demanded people have a voice in govt. (to help others)it helped people to be heard in the government
Immigrationmpeople moving into a country from anothertook lots of US jobs
"New Immigrants"people immigrating from another countrymore cultures and people in the U.S.
Ellis Islandisland in NY where immigrants had to pass throughmass immigration during the gilded age
Angel Islandisland off California shoreline where immigrants passed throughmass immigration during the gilded age
Chinese Exclusion Actprohibited lots of chinese to enter the US less chinese workers
NativismFavoriting native born people over foreign born peopleforeign born people were angry
Urbanismmany people moved from rural to urban areas for factory workcity quality went down, overpopulation
Big Businesscompanies took advantage of people with low pay and bad conditionsworking conditions lowered
Gilded Age LeisurePlays, movies, walks, baseball, footballmany new ways of entertainment during gilded age
Literacy testpeople were tested for literacy to be able to votemany free slaves couldn't vote
Poll TaxFee you had to pay in order to vote less people were able to vote
Grandfather clausecertain people still having specific rights after laws changepeople of certain types could still do things others couldn't
Jim Crow lawslaws that segregated races as long as they were equalcreated a separated community
segregationenforced separation of different racescreated a separated community
Booker T. Washingtonmobilized dissenters of Jim Crow laws- black progress w/ educationblack education increased, decreased Jim Crow laws
WEB Du Boisprotested racism, supported Pan-Africanismshe help in supporting Pan-Africanism
Plessy v. Fergusona man sat where he wasnt supposed to and was arrested and conv.it set the precedent for these cases for years to come
Susan B. Anthonythought women in the workplace was good, supported women's rightspeople were trying to increase women's rights
Ida B. Wellsfounder of nat. assoc. for the advancement of the colored peoplepeople were trying to advanced colored rights
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